Firefighter Self Assessment Form

*** This is not the Denver Firefighter application. ***
The Self Assessment you are about to complete reflects the Firefighter application you would be required to complete for a Firefighter position with the Denver Civil Service Commission. Your completion of the Assessment does not indicate that you meet all the minimum qualifications required. 
The Assessment is designed to allow you to answer all the Firefighter Assessment questions even if you answered a question that would disqualify you on the Civil Service application. You may call a Fire Recruiter to discuss your Assessment, if you feel you answered one or more questions that may disqualify you.
This Self Assessment tool is to assist Recruiters to determine if an individual meets the minimum qualifications required to be a Denver Firefighter. Failure to meet any of the minimum qualifications will disqualify individuals from applying, however, some of the standards have particular time limits. An applicant may meet the qualification once the time limits have lapsed. For a detailed list of qualifications refer to Civil Service Commission(PDF, 863KB) - Firefighter Informational Booklet(PDF, 863KB) or Commission Rule #3(PDF, 431KB)
This Assessment is for self-awareness purposes only and is subject to change by the Civil Service Commission. Please visit the Civil Service Commission for testing information.


Denver Firefighter: Firefighters respond to fire alarms and assist in extinguishing fires to protect lives and property. Duties can include: assist with cleaning and caring for the apparatus, equipment and living quarters; administer first aid treatment; assist in rescue work in various emergencies; and inspect buildings for fire hazards and compliance with fire prevention ordinances. At various points in their careers, firefighters may also be assigned to work in support divisions.
Please Note: False representation of information on the official application and in all testing and screening processes is grounds for immediate disqualification. The City and County of Denver is an Equal Opportunity Employer.