Community Outreach

The Denver Fire Department is proud to give back to the community through a variety of outreach and education programs. Learn more about our Community Outreach initiatives below including how you can request an appearance by the Denver Fire Department at your next event!


Due to increasing COVID-19 cases, the Denver Fire Department is canceling all fire station tours until further notice.

Check our website for the most updated information about Community Outreach participation opportunities with the Denver Fire Department.


Public Education Programs

Emergency Procedures Training

Businesses, institutions and multi-family residential occupancies are required to develop emergency plans, including such safety strategies as building evacuation, procedures for evacuating disabled individuals, holding regular fire drills, etc.

Many property managers and homeowners’ associations ask for assistance in developing these emergency plans. The division’s emergency procedures training officer, a certified fire safety educator, provides training in developing the emergency plans and procedures, and conducting fire drills—fire drills are critical in achieving proper response by occupants during an emergency. There is a charge for this service.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Training

Fully charged and properly maintained portable fire extinguishers can help minimize damage to your business and injuries to your employees and customers. The Denver Fire Code requires that portable fire extinguishers be present in homes and businesses, and that they be mounted, located and identified so they are readily accessible.

Since portable fire extinguishers are only as effective as the user, the Fire Prevention and Investigation Division offers training to help ensure that your employees/tenants have the confidence and skills necessary to take action should a fire occur at your facility. 

The Denver Fire Department Fire Extinguisher Training program includes:

  • Overview of the fire protection equipment installed in your facility
  • Review of proper procedures and fire evacuation routes
  • Alertness to fire hazards
  • Review of the types of fire extinguishers and their proper use
  • Identification of the classes of fires and how each is fought
  • Indoor or outdoor hands-on experience

Safe Haven Program

The Safe Haven Program allows a parent in possession of an unharmed new born to drop off a new born with no questions asked, stay completely anonymous, have no fear of prosecution and not have his or her name added to the State Central Child Protection Registry.

Every fire station located in City and County of Denver is designated a Safe Haven for Newborns. Firefighters staffed at each fire station will take in a new born that is three days old or less with no questions asked. 

Upon acceptance of a newborn, Denver Fire personal will contact the Denver Health Paramedic Division for transportation of the new born to Denver Health Medical Center for medical care and referral to Child Protective Services. 

Learn more about the Colorado Infant Safe Haven law.

School Fire Safety Training

In recent years, most of the fire safety training for Denver schools has been delivered through the Denver Firefighters Museum, with grant money awarded to the Fire Protection and Investigation Division, the Denver Public Schools Risk Management Division, and the Denver Firefighters Museum.

The Fire Prevention unit’s emergency procedures training officer is a certified fire safety educator and frequently provides training focused on specific problems to school classes experiencing these problems, i.e. fire setting, experimenting with fire, injury of student from fire. There is no fee for school training.

Youth Fire Stop

Fifty percent of all reported fires are set by kids. Without intervention, fifty percent of those kids continue to set fires. The goal of the Denver Fire Department's Youth Fire Stop Program is to save lives and protect property by educating children about fire and its hazards.
For more information, view the Youth Fire Stop Page.

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You can request the Denver Fire Department for your community event. Learn more about what events we attend, the rules for events, and how to request for your next event.

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