Fire Safety Inspections

DFD Fire Inspector

The Denver Fire Department conducts inspections of the City’s commercial occupancies including: businesses, schools, apartment buildings, and institutions. The goal of inspections is to ensure compliance with the Denver Fire Code.

Annual Fire Safety Inspections allow the Denver Fire Department to maintain the highest ISO Rating. A high ISO Rating provides residents and business owners lower insurance rates, based on emergency services provided. You can read more about ISO ratings here: ISO Mitigation

Fire Safety Inspections occur once per year. Marijuana facilities receive inspections twice per year. Fees are based on the type of occupancy, number of floors, and the square footage of the building.

Fire Prevention Inspections

Fire Prevention Inspections are conducted for occupancies which conduct business or processes involving additional hazards including:

  • Marijuana
  • Flammables
  • Hazmat
  • Institutions
  • Warehouse, High Piled and Tire Storage
  • Assembly
  • High Rise
  • Institutions

These inspections are conducted to ensure fire code compliance and to ensure additional technical code requirements are being met, in order to ensure life safety for occupants.

Firehouse Inspections

Commercial properties will receive a fire safety inspection by their local fire station to ensure fire code compliance and to address any violations. 

Pre-plan Inspections

In addition to fire safety inspections, occupancies may receive a pre-plan inspection. This inspection is for the purpose of local fire stations familiarizing themselves with the layout, hazards, and potential response complications within an occupancy. This inspection is conducted with no fee associated. 

How to schedule a Fire Alarm or Sprinkler Inspection

To schedule an inspection, follow the below steps:
  1. In e-permits, click the “Development Services” tab and then either: 
    • Select the permit record from your “My Records” list (which will populate after your contractor’s license has been added to your e-permits account) OR
    • Search for the permit. Type the permit number in the Record Number box and hit search.
  2. Once on the correct permit page, go to "Record Info" > "Inspections"
  3. Click “Schedule or Request an Inspection” and follow the prompts

Building Occupancy Inspections

Construction contractors must request Fire Department occupancy inspections via Accela Citizen Access. For questions or inquiries please email

For Fire Department business license inspection requests and general questions please call 720-913-3409.  

Apartments, Condos, Townhomes

  • As a property owner or manager of a multi-family residential occupancy (rented), you are required to conduct tests of all smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers in all rented units and keep those records for the Fire Department personnel to see during the annual inspection. See the links below for details.
  • As a property owner, manager, or homeowners’ association president of a multi-family residential occupancy such as owner-occupied condominiums, you are required to ask the homeowners to conduct tests of these devices, and you must keep the test results for Fire Department personnel to see during the annual inspection. 

Additional Information

What to Expect During Inspections

Fire Prevention Inspections are conducted by scheduled appointment or unannounced, depending on the type of occupancy. If you are unavailable at the time of inspection, a notice to contact the inspector will be left. 

Denver Fire Department badges are available for identification if requested.

Your representative on site will walk the facility with the Inspector and any violations identified will be noted. Updated contact information will be documented in the inspection report.

An Inspection Report will be sent with any violations documented.

An invoice will be sent with the inspection report. Any re-inspections will also receive an inspection report and invoice.

Pay fees via E-Permits

Prepare for Inspections

Fire Inspectors will look for any and all fire code violations. The Denver Fire Department enforces the Denver Fire Code – Download the Denver Building and Fire Codes here

To prepare for inspections, review a basic checklist used for inspections, please note, this list is not inclusive of all potential violations. 

Inspection_Checklist.pdf(PDF, 129KB)

Common Violations

Many common violations are preventable. These include:

  • Extinguishers must up to date and log-books available
  • Door locks require single motion hardware
  • Storage is allowed only in designated storage areas
  • Egress pathways must be 36” and maintained at all times
  • Knox box keys are required and must be up to date. Find more information at

If you have additional questions related to documented violations, please contact the Inspector directly, contact information is included in the inspection report. 

Fee Information

Fees are charged based on the type of inspection, type of occupancy, and square footage or another calculation. Fees are listed here(PDF, 194KB) .