Mobile Food Vendors Permitting Process

Apply Online

All mobile vendors using propane (LPG) are directed to submit their applications through the ACA portal under “Flammable Operational Permits”. If you are NOT using any quantity of propane as a mobile food vendor, you can request an Exemption Letter by emailing With your exemption letter request, you’re required to provide a copy of your vehicle registration.

Follow the steps below to obtain your ANNUAL mobile food vendor permit if you are using propane (LPG) gas.

Step 1.Apply for a flammable operation permit.

  • Click 'Yes' to "Is there LPG storage?"
  • Click 'Yes' to "Are you using portable fueling vehicles or Food Truck Vehicles?"
  • Under the LP Storage and Use section, enter the EXACT number of propane cylinders used. For mobile food vendors, a MAX of 200 lbs. of propane is allowed. 
  • Under Mobile Refueling, enter both the license plate and VIN (vehicle identification number). Click 'No' to "Is this a refueling vehicle?"
  • Under the Attachment Section, include a copy of your current vehicle registration by clicking the 'ADD' button. 
  • Under the Type of Document attachment, select 'Fire-Plot Plan'.
  • NEW for 2023: Under the Attachment Section, include a copy of your current 6-month hood suppression system inspection and service report (reflecting no deficiencies) by clicking the 'ADD' button. 
  • Under the Type of Document attachment, select 'Fire-Plot Plan'.
  • Click Here(PDF, 2MB) for step by step instructions on how to 'Apply for a Mobile Food Truck Permit' for complete on-line application instructions.
  • Click Here(PDF, 2MB) for step by step instructions on how to 'Apply for a Mobile Food Truck Permit' in Spanish.

E-Permits - Accela Citizen Access

Step 2.Obtain a safety inspection.

All NEW applicants are required to schedule a food truck safety inspection. Starting in January of 2023, recurring food truck operators that have been previously inspected are not required to have an annual safety inspection. For any other mobile food vendor that would like a safety inspection, we will be happy to schedule a courtesy safety inspection of your food truck upon request. Please contact the Food Truck Inspector at or 720-913-3405 to schedule your inspection.

For NEW applicants who have secured their food truck flammable operational permit, the next step is Denver Fire Department personnel will reach out to you to schedule your required mobile food vendor safety inspection. Please review the DFD safety inspection checklist(PDF, 162KB) before your safety inspection to ensure a successful inspection. Reviewing the Food Truck Safety Guideline Video will help ensure the success of your inspection and operation.  For any concerns or clarifications regarding your safety inspection or the checklist, please contact the Food Truck Inspector at at the contact listed above. Click Here(PDF, 164KB) for the safety inspection checklist in Spanish. 

Step 3.Receive annual food vendor permit, sticker, and safety checklist.

For applicants that are issued an annual flammable permit, an annual permit sticker and safety inspection checklist will accompany it. Vendors are required to display their annual permit sticker in a window or on the outside of their food truck or trailer.

All food trucks are subject to random Safety Spot Checks Denver Fire Department personnel. Please be familiar with the safety inspection checklist(PDF, 162KB) you are provided to ensure that you comply with the guidelines listed. Upon expiration of your annual flammable permit, a new online permit application must be submitted each year.