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100% Renewable Energy Goal

One of the Energy Office's goals is to achieve 100% renewable electricity for 256 City and County of Denver municipal buildings by 2025. New buildings will be included in the goal as they are added to the city's portfolio.

Total Building Portfolio  General Fund Buildings  Non-General Fund Buildings 

Renewable Electricity Supplies 

42% 46%  33%

Electricity Usage

93.9 GWh 63.4 GWh  30.4 GWh
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Total Building Portfolio  General Fund Buildings  Non-General Fund Buildings 

Renewable Electricity Supplies  

30% 34% 22%

Electricity Usage

111.2 GWh 70.3 GWh 40.9 GWh
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Total Building Portfolio  General Fund Buildings  Non-General Fund Buildings 

Renewable Electricity Supplies  

20% 20% 20%

Electricity Usage

112.3 GWh 67.3GWh 44.9GWh
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Here's How We'll Get There

8 Strategies

Energy Efficiency for Existing Buildings

1) Elevate Bond Renovations
2) Energy Performance Contracts
3) Continued Energy Management Program, including Operations and Behavior Changes

New Construction

4) General Guidelines for Achieving Net Zero Energy

Renewable Energy Coordination

5) Xcel Energy Certified Renewable Percentage (future offering)
6) Rooftop Solar through Net Metering and Power Purchase Agreements
7) Xcel Energy Renewable Connect
8) Purchase Windsource or Renewable Energy Credits (as back-up plan)

Progress To Date

Progress to Date 

Energy Efficiency Initiatives

  • An energy performance contract to finance energy efficiency measures in 14 buildings, which resulted in an annual energy savings of 11 percent.
  • Demand-side management programs from Xcel Energy that include rebates and other financial incentives for energy efficiency measures such as lighting, motor and drive-efficiency projects, resulting in 9.8 GWh of electricity savings
  • New roofing standards for light-colored roofing materials and improved insulation
  • Citywide energy efficient equipment selection
  • Standards for thermostat settings  

Renewable Energy Programs Currently Subscribed To:

  • Xcel Energy's Solar*Rewards program; rooftop solar on 14 buildings through Power Purchase Agreements
  • Xcel Energy’s Solar*Rewards Community program; solar garden subscriptions from various solar developers
  • Xcel Energy’s Renewable*Connect program; solar garden subscriptions from Xcel Energy

Investment Required

To achieve the goal for energy efficiency strategies and electricity savings, capital projects and funding sources would have to be established. Examples are:

  • Energy performance contracts would require approximate funding of $570,000 for technical energy audits and $18 million to implement energy conservation measures. 
  • Xcel Energy Incentives/Rebates 
  • Potential other sources of funding:
    • Elevate Denver
    • Parks 2A Funding
    • Capital Planning Efforts

Success Will Require

Successfully executing the plan for 100% renewable electricity in municipal buildings will require:   

  • Aligning departments across the City and County of Denver to achieve this fast-paced and ambitious goal;
  • Fostering a culture of energy awareness among employees to motivate participation;
  • Approving the necessary funding and actively managing projects, especially energy efficiency capital improvement projects;
  • Partnering with Xcel Energy on energy efficiency and renewable supply strategies; and
  • Securing regulatory approvals for future renewable options.