Appeals Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time limitation for filing an appeal?

Most appeals need to be filed within fourteen (14) calendar days after the date of notice of the action being appealed.  Appeals claiming a violation of the Whistleblower Ordinance need to be filed with the Hearing Office within thirty (30) calendar days of the alleged retaliatory adverse employment action.  

What if the fourteenth or thirtieth day falls on a weekend or holiday?

If the last day to file your appeal falls on a weekend or holiday, you have until the next business day to file your appeal.

How can I file my appeal?

You may file your appeal by clicking the gray "File Appeal" button on our homepage, or by clicking HERE.   If your appeal has not been received by the Hearing Office by the end of the last day for filing, the Hearing Officer does not have jurisdiction to consider your appeal.  Failure of the post office to deliver your appeal by the day it is due is not an excuse for filing a late appeal.

You may e-mail your appeal to or fax it to the Hearing Office at 720-913-5995.  

What do I need to file an appeal?

You must fill out an appeal form, which is available on this website and also at the Hearing Office.  If you are appealing a disciplinary action, you must also file a copy of the disciplinary letter with your appeal.  If you are appealing the results of a formal complaint or grievance, you must include a copy of your complaint or grievance and the Agency’s response.