Mediation Programs

The City and County of Denver offers a number of free mediation programs to its employees, law enforcement, and members of the public. Please review the following programs, and choose which best fits your particular situation. 

Office of the Independent Monitor's Community-Police Program

The Office of the Independent Monitor’s Community/Police Mediation Program allows community members to address certain complaints about police conduct by discussing them one-on-one with the officer (with the help of a neutral mediator).  If you have filed a complaint against a police officer or deputy sheriff in Denver and would like more information about the Office of the Independent Monitor’s Community-Police Complaint Mediation Program, please fill out the form, below.

Workplace Mediation

If any City and County of Denver employee or supervisor/manager has a work-related issue, outside mediation may be requested. Mediation is a free, efficient, and effective means to resolve all sorts of workplace and personality conflicts —taking only a few hours of your time to create a more comfortable work environment. Mediations are conducted by a neutral and experienced outside contractor, and are both free and confidential.  If you would like to initiate mediation with a coworker, please fill out the form,

Neighborhood Mediation

Having conflict with your neighbor?  So many times we’re not sure where to turn or what to do when our quality of life is impacted.  The City provides an independent, objective and professional mediation and conflict resolution resource to help you resolve conflict within your neighborhood.  Common issues that are mediated include barking dogs, parked cars, landscaping, businesses impacting a neighborhood and noise complaints.  All you’ve got to do is visit our mediation partner, Find Solutions!

Request For Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which a professional mediator not employed by the City and County of Denver assists employees in conflict to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. Any employee, supervisor, manager, or appointing authority may submit a request for mediation as a way to resolve a work-related dispute with another employee, supervisor, or manager.


Denver Employee Mediation Form