Denver Thrives When Women Thrive

 Denver Thrives When Women Thrive logo The Denver Thrives When Women Thrive Guide is an employer tool created by the Denver Women’s Commission. There is no right or wrong way to do it; this is about YOUR organization, YOUR objectives, and YOUR people!

The Denver Women’s Commission (“DWC”) is committed to closing gender gaps in workforce participation and economic opportunity within the City and County of Denver. Women who are empowered to achieve their full potential become community and business leaders; they raise healthy families, contribute to vibrant communities, and support flourishing businesses.

The DWC believes that Denver can be a leader in this effort by instituting evidence-based best practices to operationalize gender equity in both the public and private sectors. To that end, the DWC offers Denver Thrives When Women Thrive, a guide to support City agencies, private businesses, and non-profits, as they assess gender equity within their own operations and strive to promote economic opportunity and broad participation for ALL of Denver’s employees.