Financial Empowerment Training

The Financial Empowerment Training Network provides standardized and relevant training for Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) coaches and service providers, encouraging them to help clients resolve the financial issues that are contributing factors to their inherent need for services. In addition to coach training, the training center focuses on training human services employees and direct service providers with the basics in financial empowerment coaching, motivating these employees and service providers with the necessary tools required to integrate the financial coaching curriculum into their daily work. 

Notice - Sign Language Interpretation

Under Federal Law deaf people are a protected class, per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Therefore, they are entitled to effective communication and equal access to all government programs, services, and events (ADA Title II). Effective communication includes the provision of a credentialed/certified sign language interpreter who abides by a Professional Code of Conduct which includes neutrality and confidentiality.

Family members and friends are not to be utilized as interpreters, per Colorado Consumer Protection Act, 6-1-707.

A sign language interpreter or open captioning via CART can be provided upon request with at least three business days’ notice. Contact,

Please give us at least a three (3) business-day notice for scheduling or canceling a request ** Last-minute requests are accepted. However, they could result in a lack of interpreter availability.