Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs

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The Denver Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs (DOIRA) partners with nonprofits, community-based organizations, residents, and government agencies to develop and implement policies, practices and programs that influence the various paths of immigrant integration.

  • If you are an immigrant or refugee check out, you can find valuable resources and information from local nonprofitsNonprofit-icon.png libraries library-icon.png and government agencies government-icon.png
  • If you are a community-based organization, non-profit, government agency, office or department: We would love to work with you whatever your needs may be.
  • We would love to chat about how collaboration and partnership can be used to increase community impact and reach. We would be happy to talk about the challenges and opportunities your clients and customers face in order to recommend the appropriate city agency. In which dialogue, recommendation, and partnership can lead to action.
  • If you are a government agency, office, or department: We can help your agency develop a greater understanding of the immigrant and refugee community's needs in Denver, share best practices, and recommended strategies for outreach.


Contact the Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs

Atim Otii, Director

María Corral, Community Integration Coordinator

Melissa Guzaino Burton, Esq., Cities for Action Regional Coordinator

Alexandra Bare, Language Access Services and Contracts Coordinator

Amy Yamashita, Language Access Planner

Claudia Castillo, Language Access Coordinator


201 West Colfax Avenue,
Dept. 1102 - 7th Floor
Denver, CO 80202
TTY: (720) 913-8457
Fax: (720) 913-8470