Immigrant Integration Sponsorship Program

In 2015, the Denver Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs (DOIRA) started the Immigrant Integration Sponsorship with the simple intention of bringing diverse communities together. That year we put out the call to the community to come forward with their most creative ideas for community bridging, learning, sharing and understanding. Denver organizations, neighborhood groups and passionate individuals responded to the call in overwhelming ways and produced some of the most impactful events and activities we had ever seen bringing together newcomers and receiving community. Since 2015, we have grown in size and scope but remain dedicated to funding projects that are community crafted and implemented.

Funding is made available for small, community-driven projects designed to:

  • bridge immigrant and receiving communities
  • create stronger and more connected neighborhoods
  • address community needs
  • foster community

This year, the maximum grant amount is $2,000 and is matched with in-kind support, volunteer hours or other grants for the specified project.

The application 2021 DOIRA Immigrant Integration Sponsorship Request is now open! Apply here. The last day to apply is Friday, February 26, 2021.

For information about the sponsorship contact Marí or visit one of the dates below to register for one of our Virtual Information Sessions:

More information on 2020 sponsored events can be found here.(PDF, 2MB)