Doing Business with the City

The City and County of Denver is determined to eliminate and reduce process inefficiencies and establish greater accountability in the work with community members. We are striving towards reducing the bureaucratic red tape that can make it difficult for nonprofits to address the real needs and issues of the people we serve. It is our hope to implement new ways of collaboration with our city partners and to create a deeper understanding and appreciation of the nonprofit sector by government departments. 

Nonprofits and city agencies gain shared benefits through successful partnerships. Each organization has the potential to leverage strengths and resources while bringing something valuable and unique in working under a unified vision. Doing business with the City and County of Denver is a worthwhile investment as we can do more together to enhance relationships, trust, and cooperation.   

In 2020 alone, the City and County of Denver has committed upwards of $66 million to more than 100 nonprofit organizations to support the delivery of pivotal services to individuals across the city.* Nonprofits are essential in building vibrant communities and it is imperative nonprofits are treated as such. 

Partnering with the City and County of Denver can happen in multiple ways - by contracting and/or receiving grants, by co-hosting events, or by co-leading important initiatives (just to name a few). 

The Denver nonprofit sector is an invaluable asset to the City and County of Denver and Denver residents.

If you are interested in a potential partnership with the City and County of Denver, please contact us to learn more.

*This data has been calculated pre-COVID-19.

Doing Business with the City E-guide(PDF, 8MB)

Grant Writing 101 E-guide(PDF, 15MB)