COVID-19 Update
Due to the emergence of COVID-19, the DenverConnect program has not been able to outreach to the community as it typically does. Please contact DenverConnect program coordinator Olga Garcia at or 720-913-8494 with questions about DenverConnect and the services it's providing during COVID-19.

DenverConnect van DenverConnect is a mobile resource center designed to connect older adults 60+ with information. DenverConnect will bring city services and resources to neighborhoods, assisted living centers, and places where large concentrations of older adults are gathered. The program targets low-income and racial/ethnic minorities. 

Between 2011 and 2020, the number of older adults in Colorado is expected to increase by 54 percent. In Denver alone, the 65+ age group is expected to account for nearly 20 percent of Denver's population by 2050. 

As rents and home prices increase, it becomes increasingly difficult for our older residents to age in place, or put more simply, to age where they are. DenverConnect aims to help Denver's older adults do just that by connecting them with vital community resources. 

Thank you to our sponsors:

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