Build a Career


Education Refund Program

We value our employee are are invested in their professional and personal development. The education refund program reimburses our employees up to $1,500 for coursework, licensures and certificates that are relevant to their current position or future position within the city. Learn more.

Learning & Development Opportunities

Our Learning and Development Strategy is a comprehensive, continuous learning process for all city employees who aspire to learn, grow, and strengthen their skills.

Instructor-led and Online Employee Development Courses

Our employees' professional development is just a few clicks away. Learning and Development has a schedule of virtual leadership courses! No need to worry about physical distancing or max room capacities. Employees can enroll, log in and they’re on your way to getting the essential skills to succeed in their career wherever it’s most convenient – at home, in the workplace, or both!

Career Development Resources

We provide resources to help our employees navigate their next job at the city. The resources include activities and other tools intended to help our employees make thoughtful and informed decisions about where they are in your career and where they want to be.

Peak Academy

Peak partners with city departments and agencies to empower our employees to improve their work processes through training, coaching, and support. Learn more.