Child Care Flexible Spending Account for Our Employees

Our employees can set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for child care expenses for child(ren) age 12 and under, while they are at work through a dependent day care flexible spending account (FSA). We offer this flexible spending account through 24HourFlex.

2021 dependent day care FSA minimum and maximum contributions:

  • Minimum of $120 annually
  • Maximum of $5,000 annually, per household

Examples of eligible dependent care expenses include:

  • Day care and babysitter costs
  • Nursery school
  • Before- and after-school programs
  • Summer day camps

For the dependent day care FSA, employees can only be reimbursed for qualified expenses up to the amount they have contributed to their FSA through their pay up to that point in time. FSA dollars are subject to the “use it or lose it” rule, so claims for reimbursement must be processed on a timely basis to ensure FSA dollars are fully reimbursed. IRS tax rules apply to dependent day care FSAs and employees cannot be reimbursed from their FSA for any expense that is also covered by a tax credit in their federal tax return.