Employee Dental Plans

We offer our employees and their dependents three subsidized dental benefit plans through Delta Dental of Colorado. Our employees can find network-only coverage with copays for services, or out-of-network coverage for those who see a dentist who is not in Delta’s network.

What's the difference between the EPO and PPO plans when selecting a dentist?
The EPO plan requires employees to go to an in-network dentist for coverage. The PPO plans offer in-network and out-of-network coverage—so employees can see a dentist who’s not in-network and still get a discount on services.

Is orthodontia covered in the dental plans?
Yes, ortho is covered in all three plans. However, the 2 PPO plans have lifetime limits for each individual. The EPO does cover ortho with no limits, but you must go to a network provider and pay a set copay for services.

What services are covered under each of the three plans?
The following summaries give a brief description of services: