Marijuana annual report, data and statistics

Marijuana Annual Report

Denver's Department of Excise and Licenses publishes an annual report that provides information on the city's marijuana industry; marijuana tax, sales and revenue; marijuana coordinated management model; youth marijuana use prevention and education strategies; and enforcement on the illegal production and sale of marijuana.

See the 2023 Annual Report(PDF, 8MB)

Denver Cannabis Business, Employment and Opportunity Study

This report presents the results of a 2019 study that examined diversity and opportunity in Denver's cannabis industry. The report explores the need to reduce barriers to entry and promote equity in the cannabis industry.

Read the Cannabis Business, Employment and Opportunity Study(PDF, 2MB)

Turn Over a New Leaf Report

As a part of Mayor Michael Hancock's mission to promote equity in Denver, Mayor Hancock, the Department of Excise and Licenses, the Denver City Attorney's Office, and the Denver District Attorney's Office created the "Turn Over a New Leaf" Program to mitigate the negative effects of low-level marijuana convictions obtained prior to legalization. Through this program, individuals can request to have certain low-level marijuana convictions vacated, dismissed, and sealed.

This 2019 report provides an overview of the program's structure, the results of the program after the first six months, and the cost of hosting the clinics in the City and County of Denver. The report also identifies the unique legal barriers that limit the success of expungement and record-sealing programs of this type.

Read the Turn Over a New Leaf Report(PDF, 256KB)

Marijuana Data and Statistics