Judicial Discipline Commission - Denver County Court

Number of Mayoral Appointments: 7
Term: 4-year Term
Compensation: None
Confirmation: No

Function: To investigate complaints against judges and to recommend to the Mayor the removal or retirement from office of any judge of the Denver County Court.

Qualifications: Two (2) attorneys, two (2) District Court Judges of the Denver County Court.

Meets: Meets as needed.

Mayoral Appointees  Appointed Term Expiration

M. David Johnson, Denver (M)(C)

   rep.  Attorney (D), re-appt.

 6/26/2019 4/3/2023

Hon. Jay Grant, Denver (M)(C)

    rep.  county court (D),

    repl. Vallejos, appt.

 6/26/2019 4/3/2023

Michele Ostrander, Englewood (F)(C)

    rep. non attorney, (D), re-appt.

6/26/2019 4/3/2023

Hon. Karen Brody, Denver (F)(C)

     rep. District Court, (U). re-appt.

6/26/2019 4/3/2023

Nolbert Chavez, Lakewood (M)(H)

     rep.  non-attorney (D), re-appt.

 5/18/2022 4/3/2025

Christena Estes Faraci, Denver (F)(C)

    rep.  non-attorney, (R), re-appt.

 5/18/2022 4/3/2025
 Aaron Hyatt, Denver (M)(C)

    rep.  attorney (U), re-appt.

 5/18/2022  4/3/2025

Hon. Nicole Rodarte 


Denver County Court | Presiding Judge’s Office
1437 Bannock St. Room 108
City and County Of Denver | 720.865.7870 Phone


Enabling Authorization: City Amendment 1972, A13.8-3(1)