Judicial Nominating Commission - Denver County Court

Number of Mayoral Appointments: 7
Term: 4-year Term
Compensation: None
Confirmation: No

Function: To present nominations to the mayor of persons for appointment to Denver County Court Bench.

Qualifications: Three (3) attorneys, four (4) non-attorneys, no more than four (4) from the same political party.

Meets: Meets as needed.

Mayoral Appointees Term Expiration
Jack Finlaw 7/1/2024
Joe Blake 7/1/2021
Beth Doherty Quinn 7/1/2021
L. Roger Hutson 7/1/2021
Francesca Cheroutes 7/1/2022
Molly Urbina 7/1/2022
Simon Tafoya 7/1/2022


Judge Theresa Spahn

Presiding Judge Theresa Spahn
Fax: 720-865-8262


Enabling Authorization: City Amendment 1972, A13.8-3(1)