Boards & Commissions

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Denver is a growing and diverse city. Each one of us can contribute to our city. We need your help by taking the time to serve as an active member of a board or commission. Appointments to boards and/or commissions are a vital part of local government and provide for direct citizen involvement in city affairs. Working together we can successfully prepare for our city’s future.

The Mayor appoints approximately 700 people to serve on over 130 City and County of Denver Boards and Commissions. Our office manages this process of recruiting, interviewing and recommending candidates.

Please review our list of boards and commissions if you are interested in considering yourself and/or others in the community who can contribute and influence city policies by serving on one of these boards or commissions.


headshot of Esther Lee Leach, a black woman with red lipstick and natural hair

Esther Lee Leach, Senior Advisor, Community Partnerships

black and white casual headshot of Fatima Ben-Masaud, a woman with long dark hair

Fatimah Ben-Masaud, Deputy Director, Boards and Commissions