The Administration

Charter Officers

Jill Jennings-Golich
Interim Executive Director
Department of Community Planning and Development

Jolon Clark
Executive Director
Department of Parks and Recreation

Amy Ford
Executive Director
Department of Transportation & Infrastructure

Nicole Doheny
Chief Financial Officer
Department of Finance

Anne-Marie Braga
Executive Director
Denver Human Services

Al Gardner
Executive Director
General Services

Phil Washington
Chief Executive Officer
Denver International Airport

Bob McDonald
Public Health Administrator
Department of Public Health and Environment

Kerry Tipper
City Attorney
Denver City Attorney's Office 

Armando Saldate
Executive Director
Department of Public Safety

Molly Duplechian
Executive Director
Department of Excise and Licenses

Desmond Fulton
Chief of Fire
Denver Fire Department

Ron Thomas
Chief of Police
Denver Police Department

Elias Diggins
Denver Sheriff Department 

Agency Appointees

Suma Nallapati
Chief Information Officer
Technology Services

Mike Bouchard
Executive Director
Office of the National Western Center

Jamie Rife
Executive Director
Department of Housing Stability  

Dwight Jones
Executive Director
Office of Children's Affairs

Adeeb Khan
Executive Director
Denver Economic Development & Opportunity

Matthew T. Mueller
Executive Director
Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Perla Gheiler
Executive Director
Agency of Human Rights and Community Partnerships 

Elizabeth Babcock
Executive Director
Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency

Dr. Ben Sanders
Chief Equity Officer
Mayor's Office of Social Equity and Innovation 

Gretchen Hollrah
Executive Director
Denver Arts & Venues