Hundreds of Unsheltered Denverites to be Brought Indoors in December

Published on December 01, 2023

In a significant push to address unsheltered homelessness, Mayor Mike Johnston and the City and County of Denver announced that more than 200 individuals will be offered housing when the next encampments are closed. The encampments are near 20th and Curtis streets, and 48th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard. More unsheltered Denverites will be brought indoors later in the month as housing units become available and additional encampments are closed.

“Every individual we get into housing is a life changed and every encampment that we close is a neighborhood transformed,” said Mayor Mike Johnston. “We are delighted to bring more than 200 Denverites into housing, help close encampments and reactivate public spaces all around the city.”

Under the Mayor's House1000 initiative, teams from across city agencies and partners are working to support hundreds of Denverites living in encampments, bring individuals indoors and permanently close those areas to any future camping.

Outreach teams have already begun engaging with individuals living at the identified encampments. On move-in day, individuals will be transported to a converted hotel where wraparound support services will be provided. To ensure the privacy and safety of encampment residents and those involved in the relocation process, the exact date and location of the shelter accommodations will remain confidential.

“While there is no magic wand that can be waved to eliminate homelessness, we know that offering stable housing works more than any other approach. I'm proud that our city did the right thing, resourcing those living in this District 8 encampment with basic needs and a path to stability,” said District 8 Councilwoman Shontel Lewis. “Next, we need other leaders to encourage opening housing resources across the city to speed up the process of moving people from tents to permanent homes."

Homelessness is a challenge that affects the entire city, which is why the administration is committed to opening safe housing sites in every City Council district. At this time, the administration is not actively seeking additional sites in District 8 toward Mayor Johnston's homelessness initiative, other than those already identified.

“We appreciate Mayor Johnston and his administration for living up to their commitment and goal to bring people indoors,” said District 9 Councilman Darrell Watson. “Providing shelter and services to those experiencing homelessness throughout our district is a demonstration of our collective commitment and collaboration to change people’s lives.”

The City and County of Denver thanks the residents, businesses and neighborhoods for their patience and support as we continue to bring more housing units online and close encampments. 

In addition to these encampment resolutions efforts, the City and County of Denver and Mayor Mike Johnston are kicking off a month of action where volunteers from across the city can help prepare sites to welcome their new neighbors. The first event will be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 2 at 4040 N. Quebec St. For more information, visit

Members of the media are asked to avoid the encampment closure areas to allow teams to complete the move and cleanup processes with minimal disruption. Information on media availability will be provided closer to move-in days.

For more information about the Mayor's House1000 initiative and the ongoing efforts to address homelessness in Denver, visit