Mayor Praises Biden Admin Decision Granting Migrants Temporary Status

Published on September 21, 2023

Mayor Mike Johnston and the City and County of Denver welcomes the Biden Administration’s decision to grant temporary protected status to Venezuelan migrants. This move provides a pathway to employment for many who have decided to settle in our city as well as a needed workforce opportunity to support our local businesses. Many of these individuals are fleeing violence and instability in their home country. This designation affords them the chance to care for themselves and their families safely and without fear of removal. 

“I raised this exact issue with Secretary Mayorkas last month and am grateful for their swift action,” said Mayor Mike Johnston. “This policy change gives asylum seekers the only thing they’ve been asking for, the chance to work hard, so they can support their families and chase the American dream. Temporary protected status and work authorization offers many more migrants the dignity of work and saves taxpayers money on the housing and support services these asylum seekers will be proud to earn for themselves.” 

With this change, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security anticipates hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan nationals in the U.S. to immediately become eligible for work authorization. Though an exact figure is not known, the majority of individuals arriving in Denver from the southern border are from Venezuela.

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