Denver Partners with DoorDash to Support Needs Around City Efforts

Published on March 28, 2024

The City and County of Denver has partnered with online food ordering and food delivery platform DoorDash. The partnership with DoorDash provides $80,000 to the City and County of Denver through its Community Credits Program. This initiative aims to combat food insecurity and supports the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health by providing gift cards to local organizations working to broaden food access.

The partnership between the City and County of Denver and DoorDash has been instrumental in addressing the pressing issue of food, especially during the recent newcomer influx in Denver and the city’s efforts to support those experiencing homelessness. Recently, funds from the Community Credits Program helped provide food to newcomers during the city’s newcomer work authorization clinics. The credits were also recently used to feed volunteers at an event welcoming those experiencing homelessness into their new homes.

“The city’s mission to support those in need cannot just fall on one entity or organization,” said Mayor Mike Johnston. “We can only accomplish our goals through collaboration with partners from all areas of our city and are thankful for DoorDash for its commitment and leadership toward helping our city flourish.”

With over 55,000 Dashers delivering meals and supplies across the city, and a network of over 1,400 merchants on the DoorDash Marketplace, the company has been able to provide essential delivery services to a wide range of communities in Colorado. Notably, 39% of deliveries are made to communities of color, and 31% are delivered to low-income communities.

"As part of our ongoing partnership with the city of Denver, we were proud to provide community credits to help support the City's efforts to combat food insecurity,” said Anna Powell, DoorDash Government Relations Manager. “One of our highest priorities at DoorDash is expanding food access across the communities we serve, and these credits allow Mayor Johnston and his team to support local Denver businesses while providing meals to Denver residents who need them."

The $80,000 contribution from DoorDash will enable the City and County of Denver to partner with a variety of local Denver businesses.


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