Mayor Supports House Bill Addressing Housing Crisis in Colorado

Published on April 18, 2024

Mayor Mike Johnston and City Council President Jamie Torres today announced their support of House Bill 24-1313, which empowers local governments to address Colorado's housing needs. The bill incentivizes the construction of more housing and increasing housing density plans around public transit and workplaces. Additionally, it aims to conserve natural resources and improve air quality, protecting vulnerable communities from pollution-related health issues.  

Mayor Johnston and the City and County of Denver have been working diligently to tackle the housing shortage within the city. Earlier this year, Mayor Johnston announced a series of ambitious citywide goals for 2024 with a vision of building a Denver that is vibrant, affordable and safe for all. To build an Affordable Denver, the city will focus on securing, financing or supporting the development and preservation of 3,000 long-term affordable housing units by the end of the year. 

“HB-1313 is a balanced approach to land use that pushes local governments in the right direction,” said Mayor Mike Johnston. “This bill increases housing density plans around public transit and workplaces while building intentionally toward a more transit-friendly future. With policies like HB-1313, we can change the status quo to create a more affordable Colorado.” 

Denver and the state of Colorado are facing a housing crisis where working people, young families, and retirees are facing challenges identifying affordable housing options. Recognizing the urgency of the situation and that the housing crisis extends beyond its city limits, the City and County of Denver encourages local governments to adopt policies that promote the construction of affordable housing. 

“HB-1313 works in partnership with Proposition 123 as a way for local governments and our partners to build more affordable housing and lower costs for all Coloradans, something all our communities desperately need,” said Council President Jamie Torres. “At its core, the bill empowers all local governments to address Colorado’s housing needs.” 

By working together, Denver and Colorado can build a brighter future with accessible and affordable housing. Taking action at the state level is crucial to effectively tackle this challenge and create a more affordable housing market for all. 

Mayor Mike Johnston and Council President Jamie Torres are joined in supporting HB-1313 by Council President Pro Tem Amanda Sandoval and councilmembers Chris Hinds, Stacie Gilmore, Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez and Sarah Parady.

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