Mobility Action Plan

It’s getting too hard to move around Denver and too many people are getting hurt on our streets. Our infrastructure is deteriorating, transportation options are limited and the ones we have are major sources of pollution.

The time to act is now. We must be smart and we must be bold. Denver’s Mobility Action Plan will support the transportation choices people want to make and move more people, more efficiently, and more safely. It will increase mobility options, improve safety, address climate change, improve public health, and create more accessibility.

Read the Mobility Action Plan(PDF, 5MB) Mobility Inforgraphic

Our Strategic Goals


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Denver’s population grew by 15,000 residents over the past decade. While this is great news for our city’s economic development, there is a downside: traffic. Today, 73 percent of Denver commuters drive alone. Our goal is to reduce single-occupant vehicle (SOV) commuters to 50 percent and increase the percentage of bike and pedestrian commuters to 15 percent and transit commuters to 15 percent.


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Our goal is zero fatalities by 2030 through an aggressive Vision Zero campaign. We will accelerate our infrastructure safety program through swift innovation and design modifications, particularly at high-risk intersections.

Climate & Health

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Today, transportation represents nearly 30 percent of carbon emissions in Denver and is a leading source of air pollution. The Denver metropolitan area struggles with air pollution, and nearly 1 in 10 Denver residents is living with asthma. To reduce incidence of asthma and respiratory illness — particularly among children, senior citizens and other vulnerable populations — we will reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050.


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Nearly one-quarter of Denver’s residents live near or below the poverty rate and have limited mobility options. Denver deserves a connected multi-modal network that offers everyone the ability to get around town safely and reliably. Call it mobility freedom for all. Innovative partnerships, policies and technologies will help give all people access to opportunity.

Planning & Organization

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We are listening to you.

This plan has its roots in two decades of community-led visioning and planning. Denver residents have long expressed a clear desire to transition from a car-centric culture to a future that prioritizes people and the quality of the places where they live, work and play. Our mobility plan will be regularly updated based on community and stakeholder input.

Read the Mobility Action Plan(PDF, 5MB)

This is a bold investment.

Reinventing our streets to move more people more safely and more efficiently will require major new investments in the system. The City & County of Denver currently spends about $75 million each year on transportation and mobility. To meet our challenges and make meaningful progress towards a reinvented transportation future, we must invest at least $2 billion between now and 2030. With about $1.65 billion in funding already identified, we must close a $350 million gap.