OSEI Releases 2023-2025 Digital Equity Plan

Cover of the Denver Digital Equity Plan publication June 2023

Published on June 30, 2023

The Mayor’s Office of Social Equity and Innovation has released the 2023-2025 strategic plan for Digital Equity efforts across the City and County of Denver. Supported by Mayor Michael B. Hancock, this plan will begin to address the lack of digital connectivity, resources, and education that continues to be a barrier for many of Denver’s most vulnerable residents. “This strategic plan will focus on elevating the need to close the gap and provide opportunities to collaborate with our community partners in bridging the digital divide,” said Mayor Hancock.

As emphasized throughout this plan, collaboration and partnership is not only necessary but required to achieve digital connectivity for everyone in Denver. In addition to providing concise context, striking data, and strategic goals, one of the outcomes in publishing this report is continued and new partnerships.  As detailed in the plan, all programmatic efforts are built around the three pillars of digital equity:

  1. Access to affordable, high-speed internet
  2. Access to high tech devices, and
  3. Access to technology education and support.

Digital connection is no longer a luxury in today’s modern world, but a necessity, and the Mayor’s Office of Social Equity and Innovation is addressing it.

Read Denver's Digital Equity Plan(PDF, 8MB)