Office of Social Equity & Innovation

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World Autism Awareness Day April 2
The Mayor's OSEI celebrates Diversity Month
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The Mayor’s Office of Social Equity and Innovation (OSEI) works with City agencies and departments to increase systems, policies, and practices that sustain Social Equity, Race, and Social Justice. The office oversees the citywide effort to eliminate social inequity, and race and social injustices by evaluating institutional and structural government systems, policies, and practices to dismantle racism.

OSEI is dedicated to including the voices of residents and individuals who have often been institutionally marginalized and historically disadvantaged. Our office develops and implements the city’s policies and regulations to ensure social equity is the primary focus, with diversity and inclusion as supportive facets.

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We Lead With Equity

Denver believes that equity is when race and other social identities can no longer be used to predict life outcomes. Equity is achieved through the advancement of policies and practices that center those who are underrepresented and have been historically disadvantaged because of their neighborhood of residence, age, gender, disability, immigration status, primary language, education, income level or race. OSEI is the nucleus that guides and informs Denver's approach to equity by providing coaching, education, training, and resource support. Agencies are responsible for creating equity plans that align with the mayor’s citywide goals with ongoing guidance and coaching from the Mayor's OSEI staff. Our agency is a resource for collaborative, cross-agency coordination to support equity policies.

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Latest News

The Q1 Newsletter from the Office of Social Equity and Innovation (OSEI) showcases many strides towards a more inclusive, equitable community. This edition highlights progress in reducing disparities. It also covers national recognition in digital equity and impactful community engagement while shining a spotlight on the outstanding efforts of the Office of Human Resources. Successful initiatives set the stage for continued empowerment and positive change.

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Citywide Equity Goals

Listen - Goal 1: The City and County of Denver will be an inclusive government that effectively engages with and listens to the community to create equitable outcomes. Denver will be an inclusive employer that listens to, values and supports city staff, providing them with the tools and skills to advance social equity.

Dare - Goal 2: Denver will be a city that boldly and creatively integrates social equity into policies, practices, programs, and budgetary decisions, driven by the urgency that the people of Denver deserve.

Deliver - Goal 3: Denver will deliver breakthrough solutions to drive equity in the city using nationally recognized research and data-driven practices.

Our Mission

To cultivate an equitable and inclusive Denver by dismantling systemic barriers and creating targeted solutions for historically marginalized populations.

Our Vision

To be a city where race and other social identities no longer predict life outcomes.

About OSEI

The four pillars of the office together create the foundation for EDI work in Denver.

Operations and Innovation

Digital Equity
Multi-Agency Equity Strategies
Special Projects
OSEI Operations and Policy
Racial Equity Indicator Reports & OSEI reports

Strategies and Learning

Race and Social Justice Academy (RSJ) and other EDI-related trainings
EDI Teams and Strategy Building
EDI Administrators
Racial Equity Action Plan (REAP)
Development & Implementation

Data and Evaluation

Equity data analysis and evaluation
Technical assistance
Citywide equity data training

Internal and External Councils

Racial Equity Council
Digital Equity Council
Equity Core Council

Meet the Team

Our team is committed to achieving equity through the advancement of policies and practices that center those who are underrepresented and have been historically disadvantaged.

Dr. Ben Sanders headshot

Dr. Ben Sanders
Chief Equity Officer

Jessica Calderon, a woman with straight dark hair

Jessica Calderon, MSW
Director of Operations & Innovation

Claire Colangelo, a woman with long dark hair

Claire Colangelo, MPH
Director of Trainings & Strategies

Karen Davis, a black woman with a pink blazer and hoop earrings

Karen Davis
Public Information Officer

Zach McDade, a white man with a beard and short hair

Zach McDade
Director of Data & Evaluation

Bobbie Alexander, a darker skinned woman with long black hair

Bobbie Alexander, MBA
Special Projects Manager

Aaron Conley, a light skinned man with glasses

Aaron Conley, Ph.D.
Trainer & Strategist

Anya Dickson-Arguello, a brown skinned woman with long textured hair

Anya Dickson-Arguello
Digital Equity Program Manager

Franchesca Luistro, a woman with long curly dark hair

Franchesca Luistro
Executive Assistant & Office Coordinator

Ariana Orozco, a woman with dark hair in a red top

Ariana Orozco, M.Ed
Trainer & Strategist

Ariana Tyler, a brown skinned woman with medium straight hair

Ariana Tyler
Trainer & Strategist

Jamila Bryant, a brown skinned person with short cropped hair in a plaid shirt and coat

Jamila Bryant
Department of Transportation and Infrastructure(DOTI)
EDI Administrator

Robin Jones, a light skinned woman with styled brown hair wearing a blue blouse and jacket

Robin Jones
Department of Safety EDI Administrator

Justin Toomer, a black man with short hair wearing a suit with no tie

Justin Toomer
City Attorney's Office EDI Administrator

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