Youth Violence Prevention

An average of 700 young people age 25 and under are directly affected by gun violence in Denver annually, according to death records, emergency department and hospital discharge data and crime reports.

—Denver Health

Young people are witnessing their friends and loved ones die at an alarming rate due to acts of gun violence. In response, Denver is committed to ending violence among youth by merging the many efforts and resources currently available across the city, to tackle this issue more strategically. That is why Mayor Michael B. Hancock has convened the Youth Violence Prevention Action Table (YVPAT) – a conglomerate of youth, community and city leaders, to identify immediate and actionable items needed to support youth violence prevention efforts.

“We can only break the cycle of youth violence by engaging young people in the conversation about solutions,” Mayor Hancock said.  “We want them to reach for resources, not weapons.  We want them to find fulfillment, not become trapped in the criminal justice system.  It is time for less talk and more action that champions young people’s ideas and voices.”

According to Denver Health, “…an average of 700 young people less than 25 years of age are directly affected by gun violence in Denver annually.”  The YVPAT calls on Denver’s clergy, business community, nonprofits, education advocates, youth, and all residents to join the efforts to save young lives.

Youth Violence Prevention Action Table

Convened in 2019 under the leadership of Denver City Attorney Kristin M. Bronson, the Youth Violence Prevention Action Table increases communication and information sharing among city agencies, community organizations, and youth to address gaps and opportunities where the city can increase support. Additionally, the Action Table was tasked with developing a public health approach to youth violence prevention in a set of strategies outlined in a December 2020 report. In February 2021, the City hired a new Youth Violence Prevention Program Administrator, Jonathon McMillan, who now serves as Chair of the Action Table and is responsible for implementing the recommendations of the report.

Youth Violence Prevention Plan 2023

Strategic Planning Work Session: December 15, 2021

Executive Committee

  • Kwon Atlas, Operations Coordinator
    Office of the Mayor
  • Allison Barney, Youth Service Manager
    Denver Public Library
  • Kristin Bronson, City Attorney
    Denver City Attorney's Office
  • Erin Brown, Deputy Chief of Staff
    Office of the Mayor
  • Gabrielle Bryant, Marketing & Communications Specialist
    Office of the Mayor
  • Brent Fahrberger, Council Aide, District 6
    Denver City Council
  • Pat Hedrick, Director
    Public Safety, Youth Programs
  • Patrice Hawkins, Deputy Executive Director
    Denver Health
  • Sherry Jackson, Senior Advisor
    Department of Safety, Strategic Planning & Administration
  • Paul Kashmann, Councilman, District 6
    Denver City Council
  • Ryan Luby, Deputy Director - Communications & Marketing
    Aurora County Government
  • Matt Lunn, Manager - Strategic Initiatives
    Denver Police Department
  • Bob McDonald, Executive Director
    Denver Public Health & Environment
  • Jonathan McMillan, Youth Violence Prevention Coordinator
    Office of Children's Affairs
  • Daelene Mix, Chief Administrative Officer
    Public Safety, Office of Executive Director
  • Brendan Richards, Assistant City Attorney
    City Attorney's Office,  Prosecution & Code Enforcement (PACE)
  • Jay Salas, Director
    Office of Financial Empowerment & Protection, Human Rights & Community Partnerships
  • Michael Sapp, Governmental & Community Relations Liaison
    Public Safety, Office of Executive Director
  • Anthony Smith, Executive Director
    Cities United
  • Chief Ron Thomas, Division Chief
    Denver Police Department
  • Dionne Williams, Executive Director
    Office of Children's Affairs
  • January Wilson
    Denver Public Schools

Current Roster

Name Agency Title
Armah, Niiobli Bloomberg Associates Social Services, MBK Initiative
Ashton, Karla Dream Culture Corp. Chief Communications Officer
Atlas, Kwon Office of the Mayor Communications Analyst
Bacon, Jennifer Denver Public Schools Vice President Denver Board of Education
Bakes, Katie M.D. Denver Health M.D. - Pediatric Emergency
Banuelos, Anita City Council District 7 Council Aide
Barney, Allison Denver Public Library Youth Service Manager
Batchelder, Jason  City of Aurora Deputy City Manager
Becerril, Georgina Denver Human Services Child Welfare Administrator
Bojanowski, Elizabeth Public Safety - YDC Program Supervisor
Bowser, Kimberly Denver Police Department Lieutenant
Breckenridge, Tracy Office of Children's Affairs Marketing Communications Specialist
Bronson, Kristin M. Denver City Attorney Office City Attorney
Brown, Erin Office of the Mayor Deputy Chief of Staff
Burman, Bill M.D. Denver Public Health Director
 Canty, Andre  Cities United Associate of Planning & Programs
Christensen, Kelli Public Safety - Office of Executive Director Director of Communications
Christenson, Blake Department of Safety Strategic Resource Management Senior Statistical Researcher
Cobb, Roger Denver Economic Development & Opportunity Community Development Representative II
Cobian, Angela Denver Board of Education Director, District 2
Coffman, Ruth Department of Corrections Deputy Executive Director
Cohn, Shawn Denver District Juvenile Probation Chief Probation Officer
Coyle, Connie Denver Sheriff Department Division Chief
Cueva, Teri Adult Probation - City Supervisor
Di Trolio, Elisa Denver Police Department Management Analyst Senior
Diggins, Elias Denver Sheriff Department Division Chief
Dulake, Mary Public Safety - Office of Executive Director Deputy Director - Compliance
Dunn, Jason US Attorney Office - Co US Attorney
Dyer, Doak ATF - Denver Field Division Assistant Special Agent in Charge
Eaton, Mike Denver Public Schools Director of School Safety
Ediger, Rose Public Safety - YDC Program Director
Elenz, Magen City Council Chief of Staff to CW Gilmore
Elias, Amber Denver Public Schools Lead Operational Superintendent
Fleck, Zachary Public Safety - Office of Executive Director Senior Financial Analyst
Gartner, Priscilla Office of Public Defenders Juvenile Division Supervisor
Gibbs, Linda Bloomberg Associates Principal, Social Services
Gillespie Carter, Sonya Department of Safety Deputy Sheriff Major
Gilmore, Stacey City Council Councilwoman
Gomez, Frances Denver Sheriff Department Sheriff
Gonzalez-Guiterrez, Serena Denver Collaborative Partnership Director
Harper, Demond Probation Officer Supervisor Probation
Patrice Hawkins Denver Health Deputy Executive Director
Haynes, Happy Parks and Recreation Executive Director
Heck, Cary Adult Probation - District Chief Probation Officer
Hedrick, Patrick Public Safety - Youth Programs Director
Hernandez, Nancy Denver Economic Development & Opportunity NDCC Director of Career and Family Education
Hinojosa, Francisco Denver County Court Probation Supervisor
Hiraga, Eric Denver Economic Development & Opportunity Executive Director
Holliday, Jeff Department of Public Health & Environment Manager - OBHS
Horton, Gianina Office of the Independent Monitor Project Manager
Dr. Huss, Shiela University of Colorado - Denver Senior Instructor
Jackson, Sherry Department of Safety Strategic Planning /Admin Senior Advisor
Jacobson, Anders Colorado Division of Youth Services Executive Director
Janiszewski, Melissa Office of Children's Affairs Strategic Partnership Coordinator
Johnson, David Colorado Department of Corrections Director of Adult Parole
Johnston, Courtney Denver DA's Office Senior Deputy DA
Kashmann, Paul City Council District 6 City Council
Lineman, Jane Denver Public Schools Student Safety Coordinator
Luby, Ryan Aurora County Government Deputy Director-Communications & Mktg
Lunn, Matthew Denver Police Department Management Analyst Specialist
Maes, Deanna Adult Probation - City Chief
Mares, Don Human Services Executive Director
Martin, Benita Denver District Attorney's Office Diversion Director
Martinez, John Parks & Recreation Deputy Manager
Martinez, Omar Public Safety - YDC Program Supervisor
Mauro, Greg Public Safety - Community Corrections Director
Mauro, Tricia Denver Juvenile Probation Probation Supervisor
McCabe, Nikki Department of Finance Senior Budget Analyst
McCann, Beth Denver DA's Office District Attorney
McDaniel, Michelle GRASP Youth/ Denver Health AIM Program Manager/ Outreach Worker
McDonald, Bob Department of Public Health & Environment Executive Director
McGrath, Merideth Colorado Department of Corrections Deputy Director
Mckay, Ty Dream Culture Corp. CEO
McMillan, Jonathan Chief Success Strategist Be Better Than Average, LLC
Nightingale, Alice Denver Public Health & Environment  Director
Mix, Daelene Public Safety - Office of Executive Director Chief Administrative Officer
Monroe, Nicole Public Safety - Youth Programs Program Manager - Juvenile Services Center
Nguyen, Cynthia Al Revolution CEO
Okubo, Derek Human Rights & Community Partnerships Executive Director
Pace, Joey Office of Children's Affairs Youth Success Director
Pazen, Paul Denver Police Department Chief of Police
Piscopo, Lisa Office of Children's Affairs Deputy Director - Policy & Research
Rangel, Celeste US Attorney Office - Co Asst US Attorney
Richards, Brendan City Attorney's Office - PACE Assistant City Attorney
Robinson, Rachel District Attorney's Office Deputy District Attorney
Russell, Jeff ATF Denver Crime Gun Intelligence Center Supervisory Special Agent
Salas, Jay Human Rights & Community Partnerships Director, Office of Financial Empowerment & Protection
Salinas, James Denver Parks & Recreation Director, Recreation
Schaible, Lonnie University of Colorado - Denver Director, Criminal Justice Research Initiative
Schepman, Doug Denver Police Department Marketing Communications Specialist
Silva, Juan Denver District Attorney's Office Assistant DA - Juvenile Unit
Smith, Anthony Cities United Executive Director
Smith, Katie City Attorney's Office - Human Services Asst City Attorney - Division Director
Sotello, Melissa Denver City Council Council Aide
Stancil, Andre Colorado Department of Corrections  
Straight, Lisa Department of Public Health & Environment Director
Stremming, Erin Denver Human Services Administrator
Sublet, Chad Denver City Attorney Office Senior Asst Attorney
Taylor, Nicole Office of the Independent Monitor Community Relations Director
Thomas, Ron Denver Police Department Division Chief
Thompson, Tamara Office of Public Defenders Public Defender - Juvenile
Valenzuela, Maritza Denver Public Health Youth Health Manager
Wachter, Laura Public Safety - Office of Executive Director Chief Financial Officer
Waidler, Kelly Denver District Attorney's Office Senior Deputy DA
 White, John Denver Police Department Chief Operating Officer
Whitfield, Bradley Denver City Attorney Office (PACE) Assistant City Attorney
Williams, Johnnie GRASP Youth Chief Operating Officer
Wilson, January Denver Public Schools  
Woods, Brett Denver District Juvenile Court Presiding Judge
Yeaw, Jennifer Denver Human Services Chief of Staff
Zohari, Nachshon  Office of Behavioral Health Strategies Program Manger

Youth Violence Prevention Videos

Watch Mayor Hancock's "The Rest of The Story with Mayor Hancock" videos as well as his "Community Call on Youth Gun Violence", and "Youth Violence Prevention: Action Table: Covid-19: Confronting Two Public Health Crises".