My Brother's Keeper (MBK Denver)

Young Black man getting a degree   
Ensuring boys and young men of color can reach their full potential.

The Office of Children’s Affairs is working collaboratively with youth, community members, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, businesses and other government agencies to identify the issues that most often keep boys and young men of color from achieving success. Together, we are designing comprehensive strategies that will change thier paths and eliminate gaps of opportunity, so they can reach their full potential. Learn more about the national My Brother's Keeper Alliance.

Learn about Denver's MBK Action Plan

Various agencies have partnered with the Office of Children's Affairs to establish strategies to continue moving Denver's MBK initiative forward. Download Denver's 2015 Action Plan Report, or review the summary below.

Partner Agency: Denver Public Schools 
Key Strategies: Identify key indicators of culturally responsive teaching methods, revise the student perception survey and propose a culturally responsive parent observation process.

Partner Agency: Colorado Mentoring Partnerships
Key Strategies: Develop a mentoring initiative and create an MBK awareness campaign.

Partner Agency: Office of the Independent Monitor
Key Strategies: Support the Office of the Independent Monitor’s “Bridge the Gap” program, which seeks to proactively improve relationships between youth and the law enforcement in Denver.

Partner Agency: Office of Economic Development
Key Strategies: Create a summer workforce program that employs young men from neighborhoods with the highest MBK indicators and provide coaching/mentoring on navigating the workplace successfully.

Get Involved

Providing a city where Denver youth are surrounded by opportunities to succeed requires shared responsibility and a collective effort between individuals, community members and organizations. Email Joey Pace to get involved in any area.

Join a Focus Area Work Group! Workgroups meet quarterly to ensure identified goals are being met. Separate focus area groups include education, social and emotional health, the juvenile justice system and workforce development. 

Become a mentor! A healthy relationship with a caring adult is vital to boys and young men to maximize their potential. You can provide guidance that can change the life of one or many. 

Volunteer for an MBK event! To highlight and celebrate Denver communities and youth engaged in MBK's mission, we host various events throughout the year. Check out the "Engage in upcoming events and programs" section for more scheduled events and programs.

View Reports from the White House - MBK Task Force

President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum in 2014 establishing the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Task Force, which makes available evidence-based policies and practices, and leverages existing data to inform interventions and improve accountability. These reports track progress achieved each year on efforts that make a measurable difference in the lives of young people.

MBK Task Force Progress Reports:

2016  |  2014

View interactive maps and data charts to understand neighborhood demographics and factors that impact outcomes for boys and young men of color; check out the MBK25 Honorees for 2018, and learn how the Office of Children's Affairs tracks outreach and supports MBK efforts across the city.

Staff Contact

Joey Pace 
Youth Success Director