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Denver Ready logo Our preparedness training program is offered to Denver residents who have an interest in improving their knowledge of disaster preparedness. The goal is to strengthen our community resilience through quick educational classes, both virtual and in-person, which last anywhere from 20 minute to one hour. We present to neighborhood groups, businesses, faith-based organizations, schools, clubs, retirees, state and federal employees, and other interested parties.



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Make a Plan Training Class



This class is held monthly and will teach individuals and families the importance of having a household plan for emergencies. An instructor will lead the class through a downloadable workbook that will guide the participants through creating a simple emergency plan for themselves, their household members and pets. 

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Financial Preparedness Training Class



Regardless of income level, bouncing back from an emergency can be a financial challenge. Our Financial Preparedness Training class is held monthly and will help participants identify ways to reduce the financial impact of disasters and teach basic financial preparedness principles that can help make households less vulnerable to unexpected events.

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Face-to-Face with Denver OEM Training Class



Join us for a short presentation to introduce Denver’s residents to the Office of Emergency Management. Community members will learn how our office can support them in their preparedness journey, the types of courses we offer, and will give participants a chance to engage in and help shape the future of Denver’s preparedness programs.

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Travel Preparedness Training Class



This class will teach participants what they can do to prepare for an emergency that happens while travelling-- whether you're commuting to work, traveling abroad, stranded roadside in severe weather, or taking a road trip with friends-- it's important to always be ready!

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Pet Preparedness Training Class



Preparing your pets for an emergency makes sense. Join us for our Pet Preparedness class where you will learn how to create a plan and build an emergency kit for your pet. 

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How to Request a Community Training:

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  • While our office enjoys participating in community events, we may not be able to accommodate all event requests due to scheduling conflicts.
  • After we receive your completed online form, we will send an email within one week acknowledging that your request was received and is being reviewed. We aim to confirm the visit within one week of the requested event date.

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Community Preparedness Initiatives

Learn about our community preparedness initiatives where we work with our private sector partners, first responders, elected officials, and community stakeholders to promote disaster preparedness.

Denver Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The Denver Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) course is a 20 hour disaster preparedness and response training program designed to educate citizens and teach others how to plan for a disaster.

This program teaches many basic response skills such as fire safety, team organization, and disaster medical operations.  At the completion of this training, participants are encouraged to support emergency response activities by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in our community.

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Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

The Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is a program implemented by the Colorado Emergency Planning Commission (CEPC) and the EPA. The LEPC emphasize local awareness and ensures that all businesses and organizations which store hazardous materials have emergency plans to assist emergency responders in the safe handling of material spills on their property.

LEPC activities include emergency response planning, training, education and outreach, program administration, and local program initiatives. LEPC membership includes elected officials, emergency responders, community members and industry leaders.

Your Responsibility as Business

Under the EPCRA facilities which deal with hazardous materials that meet or exceed certain threshold amounts are required by federal law to submit documentation of said materials on an annual basis. This documentation is now required to be submitted electronically through the submission program “TIER2Submit”. This program is free and available online on EPA’s website. The purpose of Tier II Reports form is to provide State, local officials, and the public with specific information on potential hazards. This includes the locations, as well as the amount, of hazardous chemicals present at your facility during the previous calendar year.


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Lunch & Learn Program

Our "lunch and learn" opportunity is designed to prepare the public and staff for emergency events in the Denver area. During this program, we talk about Denver’s hazards, individual responsibilities, making emergency plans for family and co-workers, packing a kit, and important documents needed for individuals after a disaster.

The program is offered as a free service to local businesses in the Denver-Metro area and allows businesses to better prepare their employees for emergencies.

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Active Shooter Training Program

Denver OEM, in partnership with Denver Police, is pleased to offer an "Active Shooter Program" to empower individuals to help play a role in enhancing our community’s safety. This program is delivered by trained instructors from Denver Police and provides individuals with the basic tools they need to recognize suspicious activity in our communities and place of work. 

The "Run, Hide, Fight" Program is available to groups and organization throughout Denver and lasts approximately 45 minutes. The program is guided by the principle that every individual can use.

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