2020 George Floyd Protest Activation

Paul Pazen locks arms BLM.png

In June of 2020, the Denver Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and Joint Information Center (JIC) activated in response to multi-day George Floyd protests in Denver. Our operation focused on the safety and well-being of protestors, residents and businesses of the downtown community. Through the duration of our activation, we sent multiple Wireless Emergency Alerts to inform the community of curfew as well as where to avoid on-going police activity. We were also responsible for managing and coordinating city operations for various agencies and departments who were responding.  

As a result of the protests, city, state, and federal facilities sustained upward of $1 million dollars in damage and injuries among protestors and police officers were reported. Our operation worked to mitigate further damage as well as focus on the restoration of downtown buildings and facilities. 

WEA alert George Floyd.jpg