Urban Area Security Initiative Grant (UASI)

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UASI grants are awarded to high-risk, high-density metropolitan areas determined through an analysis of relative risk of terrorism faced by the 100 most populous Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in the United States, in accordance with the Homeland Security Act of 2002, as amended. The mission of this grant program is to assist the urban area  to  build,  sustain,  and  deliver  the  capabilities  necessary  to  prevent, prepare  for,  protect  against, and respond to acts  of  terrorism and catastrophic events from acts of terrorism. Projects for this program are designed to enhance public safety and security throughout the Denver Metro Area and its close partner agencies to sustain capabilities that address the National Priority Areas.  Denver OEM serves as the administrator of this grant, working with local, state, and federal subject matter experts to ensure the  preparedness and response to any national risks in the Denver urban area.  Since 2003, Denver has been awarded over $60 million dollars in UASI funding that has been used in planning, organizing, equipping, training ,and exercises for first responders and emergency management agencies throughout the region. Several important project awards were made to Denver agencies, including a mobile voting van for the Denver Elections Division, a training hazmat railcar for the Denver Fire Department, and equipment support for the Denver Police Bomb Squad.