Plans and Reports

Annual Report

Denver's Office of Emergency Management (OEM) focused its 2020 efforts on three strategic priorities:

  1. Strengthen City Emergency Preparedness
  2. Build Community Resilience
  3. Expand Preparedness Partnerships.

These priorities guided efforts throughout last year and formed the basis of Denver OEM’s five-year strategic plan that will be published in early 2021. This plan will further define how Denver OEM will implement these strategies over the next five years as Denver’s leader in emergency preparedness. 

Read the full Denver Office of Emergency Annual Report(PDF, 1MB) and learn more about OEM's goals, priorities, budget, and more.

Emergency Operations Plan

The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is the principal plan governing all emergencies and disasters occurring within the limits of the City and its mountain parks or affecting the well-being of Denver's residents, visitors, businesses or environment. 

 Read the City and County of Denver Emergency Operations Plan(PDF, 25MB)

Hazard Mitigation Plan 

The City and County of Denver prepared this Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) to better protect the people and property of the City from the effects of a multitude of natural and human caused hazards.  This plan demonstrates Denver’s commitment to reducing risks from these hazards and serves as a tool to help decision makers direct mitigation activities and resources.  This plan was also developed, among other things, to ensure Denver’s eligibility for certain federal disaster assistance: specifically, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation Assistance grant programs. This plan is in the process of been updated.  

Read the City and County of Denver Hazard and Mitigations Plan(PDF, 20MB)


To learn more about how we develop our plans and the city's planning process, visit our Planning page.