Education Refund Program

We value our employees and are invested in their professional and personal development. We encourage a culture of continuous learning and are committed to providing our employees opportunities to further their development.

Read the Education Refund Program(PDF, 173KB) policy to see:

  1. An overview of the program
  2. Eligibility requirements
  3. What our employees are responsible for when participating in the program
  4. How to apply
  5. What cost(s) can be reimbursed
  6. The reimbursement process
  7. Administration and disclaimer information

What are Our Employees Saying?

Certification in Public Management

“The Education Refund Program has allowed me the opportunity to pursue a certification in public management through CU Denver, focusing on areas such as government innovation and organizational leadership to support my current work with the city. The application and reimbursement processes were seamless and quick, taking the burden off of cost and allowing me to focus on my coursework.” – Elisa, Denver Police Department

Home Stretch of an MBA

“The Education Refund Program has been instrumental in aiding me in the home stretch of receiving my MBA (my self-proclaimed “Victory Lap”)! It was very quick and easy to apply, and the team has been responsive to my needs. In an otherwise hectic summer session, the Education Refund Program has been both a relief and the extra push I needed to finish the right way. Thank you for your assistance!” - Kourtney, Office of Human Resources

Pursuit of a Master's

“I was very excited when I learned that the City [and County] of Denver was reinstating their Education Refund Program. I have been a city employee since I was 14 years old, and unfortunately my undergrad experience landed during the same time that the previous Education Refund Program was terminated. I am very thankful for the city’s financial contribution toward my attainment of my master’s degree.” - Mikhail, Office of Children's Affairs

The Value of Education

“I am very thankful that the City and County of Denver recognizes the value of education for its workforce. The process was easy, and my questions were answered quickly. Thank you to all who believes in us as a workforce and made this program possible!” – Patrick, Denver International Airport

Completing Core Courses

“The Education Refund Program allowed me to complete a core course required for my Masters of Public Administration over the summer. I feel so fortunate to have an employer that both supports my career goals but also helps me achieve them!” – Christina, Denver Public Library

Step Closer to Attaining a Degree

“As a mom of three amazing children, the Education Refund Program has allowed me to return back to school after several years. With a baby who is still on formula, needs diapers and is going to infant daycare, I couldn’t have possibly afforded going back to school right now! With the help of the Education Refund Program, I’m successfully holding a 4.0 and am a step closer to attaining a degree in Accounting.” - Yessenia, Denver Police Department