5281 Awards

5281_Logo1.jpg The annual 5281 Awards ceremony is the our traditional way of recognizing and honoring our employees who exemplify the STARS values and go above and beyond expectations in their conduct, work ethic, dedication, and above all their passion for the position they hold with the city. In addition to the STARS awards, there is also a Sustainability category that recognizes actions to promote the city’s sustainability goals. The awards strive to maintain our commitment to diversity. The 5281 Awards are a prestigious honor and each year the winners are personally recognized by Mayor Michael B. Hancock.

5281 Awards Postponed

This year's 5281 Awards have been postponed until further notice.
The health and safety of all city employees is our top priority. Please email OHR.Communications@denvergov.org if you have any questions.

5281 Awards Categories

  • Service to Customers - The goal is to continually exceed customer expectations by identifying and meeting needs, working collaboratively to solve problems and developing trusting constructive relationships with residents, employees, officials, vendors and contractors.
  • Accountability - Follows through on commitments made and takes responsibility for results and subsequent outcomes. Contributes to maintaining the integrity of the organization and displays high standards of ethical conduct.
  • Respect for Self & Others - Treats others with consideration and high regard.  Demonstrates respect for the differences that exist among customers and fellow employees and recognizes that those differences are an important source of innovation, progress and interpersonal awareness.
  • Safety - Creates and maintains a safe work environment by taking action which prevents injury or harm to self, others, equipment and/or property. Additionally, creates and fosters an environment of open and respectful dialogue in which individuals may offer diverse perspectives.
  • Sustainability – This award recognizes individual or team actions that promote achievement of Denver’s 2020 Sustainability Goals in one or more of the following resource areas: air quality, climate, energy, food, health, housing, land use, materials, mobility, water quality, water quantity, and workforce.


Nomination Guide

Nomination Guide(PDF, 185KB)

  • Please note that accomplishments and outstanding performance for the nominee must be validated through specific examples and documentation. The emphasis should be on significant achievements, results and impact.
  • The 5281 Awards are focused on celebrating the work of front-line employees. Management level employees (directors, managers, supervisors) are exempt from nomination. Mayoral appointees are also exempt from nomination. Employees seeking to nominate management level employees for an award should inquire about awards programs within their own department/agency.
  • Please consider limiting team size to 20 individuals or less if possible. If your team nomination is larger than 20 members we will ask that you name the core members to equal 20 members.
  • Nominations may only be submitted by currently employed City and County of Denver employees.
  • Rather than have multiple employees submit similar nominations for the same nominee, please combine all nominations into one nomination for that individual or team.
  • Submit your completed nominations by 12:00 a.m. (midnight) on the last day of the nomination period

Selection Process
Once the nomination period closes, a selection committee comprised of the previous year's 5281 Award winners will review all nominations, then score and vote on their selections. In the event of a tie, the Office of Human Resources Executive Director will act as the deciding vote. Employees must be in good standing to receive a 5281 Award. 

For questions regarding the 5281 Awards, please email us or call 720.913.5717.