Employee Volunteer Program

We call our employee volunteer program Denver Good Deeds. The program lets our employees give back to their community and serve Denver residents in a meaningful way. Each year, our employees can take part in city-sponsored and approved volunteer projects where they can impact the Denver community while feeling motivated and empowered. Denver Human Services, Denver Parks and Recreation and some of our other offices, departments, and agencies refer projects to the Office of Human Resources (OHR).
Who is Eligible?
Current full-time, unlimited Career Service employees who have completed their probationary period are eligible. See Career Service Rule 9-80 for full details(PDF, 389KB) .

Not all our employees are eligible. Employees are not eligible for Denver Good Deeds if:
  • They are part-time/limited/or on-call employees;
  • They are non-Career Service employees;
  • The employee’s employment with us terminates for any reason; or
  • The program is discontinued.

Questions? Email the OHR Denver Good Deeds program administrator DenverGoodDeeds@denvergov.org
Questions and Answers

Who can participate in Denver Good Deeds?

  • City and County of Denver Career Service employees
  • Full time employees only - part-time/limited/or on-call employees are ineligible to take part in the program
  • Employees who have completed their six-month new hire probationary period

How much paid time do your employees get for volunteering?

  • One (1) eight-hour day; or
  • Two (2) four-hour periods over two days
  • Hours must be used within the calendar year and cannot be carried-over into following year

How do your employees track the volunteer time?

Our employees track their volunteer time using a special pay code on their timecards. The pay code is tied to a leave bank to ensure our employees stay within the parameters of the program.


What are the Team Captain responsibilities?

The Team Captain has the following responsibilities prior to the project date:

  • Coordinating with the Denver Good Deeds Program Administrator who will supply the Team Captain with the following materials:
  • Denver Good Deeds T-Shirts
  • 311 business cards
  • Attendance sheet for the team
  • Waivers and emergency contacts for each member of the team
  • Day-of responsibilities checklist
  • Coordinating with the team for transportation (e.g. if two employees are coming from the same agency, will they carpool?)\
  • Sending motivating reminder emails to the team as the project date approaches
  • Reminding your team of supplies they need to bring, if required.

Day-Of Responsibilities:

  • Taking attendance and communicating absences to the OHR Program Administrator
  • Leading a quick "ice-breaker" for the team to make introductions, if necessary
  • Handing out 311 cards freely to any interested community members
  • Reporting any injuries to the city's workers' compensation line and OHR Program Administrator immediately following an incident, and contacting emergency contact if necessary
  • Overall being enthusiastic and encouraging to your team throughout the project!

Does the volunteer time affect your employee's vacation, sick leave or PTO accruals?


Does volunteer time count as overtime if they have already reached maximum work hours for the week?

No. Employees work with their supervisors to ensure that their volunteer time will not result in overtime.

Are employees paid out their eight hours of volunteer time upon termination, if it is unused?


Do employees tell their supervisors that they are volunteering?

Employees must notify their direct supervisor at least two weeks before the date of the volunteer project that they would like to participate in. Approval is at the discretion of their direct supervisor.

Can employees volunteer at their favorite charity?

While we encourage our employees to volunteer at their favorite charity on the weekends or during non-working hours. The only projects approved for paid volunteer time during the work week are through the Denver Good Deeds program.

Can employees use their volunteer time for a project through Denver Employee Volunteer Opportunities (DEVO)?

We encourage our employees to volunteer with DEVO or at your favorite charity on the weekends or during non-working hours. The only approved uses for paid volunteer time are through the Denver Good Deeds program.

If an employee wants to sign up for a project but doesn't have a team, can they still sign up?

Yes! The employee is placed with a team of other employees and notified of their team by the assigned Team Captain.

What do employees wear on volunteer projects?

Unless otherwise stated, all volunteer participants must wear their Denver Good Deeds T-shirts. Team captains are responsible for suppling t-shirts to their teams. In general, employees should prepare for the day and the environment by:
  • Wearing appropriate clothing for work and weather
  • Wearing sturdy footwear. No open toed-shoes
  • Wearing sunscreen and/or hat when appropriate
  • Bringing work gloves if necessary


What do employees bring to volunteer projects?

  • Bring their lunch and/or snacks. They will have a break for lunch, and are also able to pick-up lunch near their project site. They can bring a cooler for water.
  • Be sure to eat a good breakfast on the day-of the project
  • Bring a filled water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Bring any personal medications. Employees who have specific health or emergency needs such as allergic reactions to plants or insect bites should note them on their registration form. This will help determine what action to take.


What happens if an employee gets hurt while onsite?

The main priority at any volunteer project is the safety of all participants. To ensure that your group has a fun and safe experience, please review the safety tips below.

General Safety

  • Make sure to take breaks throughout the day
  • Report any injuries/fatigue immediately to the Team Captain
  • Team Captain will be supplied with each volunteer’s waiver and emergency contact information in case of emergency
  • Team Captain will contact the workers' compensation line if further assistance is needed

Site Safety

  • Be aware of your surroundings, don’t work alone
  • Watch for hazardous footing, uneven surfaces, slippery banks, tripping hazards
  • Watch for hazardous vegetation weeds, tall grasses, poison ivy, etc
  • Be aware of park users, especially bicyclists on trails
  • Be aware of waste hazards, glass, needles, empty containers, etc., always sweep rake or shovel glass. Never pick up sharp objects with your hands.
  • NEVER TOUCH NEEDLES! Notify the Team Captain immediately
  • Do not reach into “blind” areas with bare hands
  • Cross streets at signals or crosswalks
  • When working in or around a gutter, work from the sidewalk
  • Do not get near homeless camps. Do not dispose of their belongings

Tool Safety

  • Always carry tools at your side with the most dangerous part turned down
  • Keep a safe distance when carrying tools, an arm and tool length apart
  • Never play with tools
  • Never swing a tool higher than your shoulder
  • Be aware of those around you, both tool users and non-users
  • Store your tool properly, in a central location, not scattered around
  • Use the proper tool for each task 


Do employees need to be authorized to drive for city business if they are driving to a volunteer project?

If an employee will drive to the volunteer site from a city work location, or to a city work location from the volunteer site, they need to be authorized to drive for city business.

Can employees bring a non-City and County of Denver employee to help during a volunteer project?

Denver Goods Deeds Employee Volunteer Program is limited to current full-time, unlimited Career Service City and County of Denver employees who have successfully completed their probationary period are eligible to participate in this program in accordance with the parameters set forth in Career Service Rule 9-80(PDF, 389KB) .

Non-city employees are not welcome to participate in Denver Good Deeds projects alongside city employees. Residents/non-employees are encouraged to find other city volunteer opportunities online.