Being a Good Neighbor

Expand each of the items below to find details about City and County of Denver guidelines that support being a good neighbor to residents and businesses impacted by your event, providing an accessible experience for all attendees, and creating a more environmentally sustainable event.

Don't forget to refer to the event application timeline to make sure you're meeting all critical deadlines.

Amplified Sound Limits (60 days prior to event)

Stage at the 420 Festival Music DEADLINE: 60 days prior to event

Review the Denver Special Events Noise Fact Sheet to learn about permissible noise levels and how to manage and monitor them during your event.

If your event will include any type of amplified sound (e.g., live music, DJs, speakers, airhorns, musical instruments, generators, etc.), it is critical that you understand and comply with the Denver Noise Ordinance. Noise Ordinance citations can result in fines up to $5,000 per day.

The Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE) requires all event applicants to complete and upload the Noise Ordinance Requirements Worksheet  to your OSE application, regardless of the event’s use of amplified sound and/or mechanical equipment. The worksheet information determines if the event qualifies for a festival exemption which allows for increased noise levels. If your event will feature amplified sound, you must also complete and upload the Electronic Communications Agreement form to your OSE application.    

For questions about noise ordinance requirements, please contact DDPHE at or


Community Notifications (45 days prior to event)

tents and attendees on a closed street DEADLINE: 45 days prior to event

Event organizers are required to notify impacted residents and business about event hours, road closures, parking restrictions, amplified sound, etc. It is important so the impacted community can plan for the event appropriately.

At minimum, you must follow the steps below in preparing and distributing your community notifications.

  1. Please use this customizable Community Notification Template to write your community notification. You can edit this Word document and add your event's details.
  2. Upload your notification flyer to your OSE application for review, 60 days prior to your event. Please do NOT distribute until approved by OSE (you will be notified).
  3. Distribute the approved notification flyer by email to the following, 45 days (or asap) before the event, then again one week before the event. Include a direct request asking recipients to share the information with their communities via newsletters, websites, social media, Next Door, and word-of-mouth, etc. When emailing, please CC all recipients and OSE at for verification purposes.
    • Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNOs) and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) that will be impacted by your event. Go to to find a map, list, and contact information for Denver RNOs and BIDs.
    • City Council office(s) that represent the district(s) impacted by your event. Find the City Council district map and contact information at
    • Denver Police Department District(s) that serve the communities impacted by your event. Find DPD district contact information on the Denver Police Stations webpage.
  4. If your event includes road closures and/or is expecting more than 3,000 attendees, hand-deliver notification flyers to impacted residences, businesses, and community centers (e.g., churches, schools, etc.) extending one city block from all road closures and/or around your event perimeter. When possible, make a clear and direct request to businesses and apartment/condo complexes to post the flyers in common areas for their customers and residents to see.



Ensuring Accessibility (at least three business days notice)

Accessibility sign at city building entrance DEADLINE: Disability related accommodation requests: at least three business days notice

Events in parks and the public right-of-way must be accessible to everyone, including event attendees and passersby who need to get around your event. Review the ADA Events Planning Checklist for important information and guidance.

If you need a sign language interpreter or Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services for your event, contact with at least a three business days notice.

Contact the Division of Disability Rights at with any other disability-related accommodation requests or questions.

Greening Up Your Event (no deadline)

Recycling bins at an event NO DEADLINE

The Certifiably Green Denver program offers resources to organizers who want to make their event more sustainable. The program also offers free consultations for event organizers to learn more about including sustainable practices at their events. You can work with Certifiably Green Denver to improve the sustainability of certain areas of your event or work to get your event fully certified.

Learn more about Denver’s Certifiably Green Denver program.