Do I Need an OSEP? Checklist

Use this checklist to determine if an Office of Special Events Permit (OSEP) is required for your event.

An OSEP is only required for events that are:

  • held on public property in the City and County of Denver (in parks, streets, sidewalks or alleyways), AND
  • are open to the public (publicly advertised, anyone can attend or buy a ticket, no invite list), AND
  • meet two or more of the checklist items below.


  1. Does your event take place partly or entirely within a Denver park?
  2. Does your event take place partly or entirely on a hard-closed Denver street, sidewalk or alleyway? (This means an RSOP issued by DOTI, not a rolling closure permit issued by DPD)
  3. Does your event require street rolling closures? e.g., parade, race, run, walk or ride?
  4. Will your event feature tents > 200 sf, propane, fireworks, open flames or floats?
  5. Will your event utilize generators >5kW or stages/structures?
  6. Will anything be sold at your event? e.g., tickets, food, beverage, alcohol, food trucks, consumable CBD or merchandise?
  7. Will your event feature body art, animals or water features?
  8. Will your event utilize hired security or off-duty police officers?
  9. Will your event have marijuana themes, advertising or sponsors? (If marijuana is your primary line of business, for example, a dispensary, you do not need to check this item.)


If your event is open to the public, held on public property and responded “YES” for two or more of the above, you are required to complete an Office of Special Events (OSE) application at least 60 days prior to the first day of your event. Successful completion of all application requirements will result in issuance of your OSEP.

Please contact OSE with questions.