Second Round of Disbursements from Voter-Backed Fair Elections Fund

Published on November 15, 2022

DENVER – The Office of the Denver Clerk and Recorder is disbursing the second round of payments from the Fair Elections Fund (FEF) to municipal candidates for the April 2023 election.

In this second disbursement, 33 candidates received a total of $1,590,105.40 from 7,115 donors. Information by candidate is included below.

With this second disbursement, the public will be able to not only see how much money was raised by candidates, but also how those campaign funds were spent. Detailed campaign contribution and expenditure information is available to the public via SearchLight Denver, the Denver Office of the Clerk and Recorder's campaign finance database:

FEF disbursements to each candidate are capped based on which race the candidate is participating in; candidates Kevin Flynn & Darrell Watson have maxed out the Fund match as of this disbursal. Future payments to qualifying candidates will be made in conjunction with the filing of campaign finance reports and will continue through March 2023.

Additional information about the fund, including contribution limits by office, campaign qualification status and other campaign finance information can be found at: