Voter Engagement

2022 Outreach and Engagement Toolkit

The Denver Elections Division is excited to offer the resources below to those who wish to communicate trusted information regarding upcoming elections. Links will be added as content is updated. Check back again soon!

Digital Materials

2022 General Election 

Share important information from the Denver Elections Division on social media.
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Instagram: @denvervotes  

Digital ads and images for social media - "Get it, fill it, drop it"(ZIP, 28MB)

Video: "Get it, fill it, drop it"  
When you get your ballot, fill it out early and drop it off in the mail, in a 24-hour secure drop box, or at a Voter Service and Polling Center (VSPC). For more information, visit

Video: Track Your Ballot  
Learn how to sign up for and use Colorado's ballot tracking system, BallotTrax.

Video: Ballot Drop Day - English  
Video: Ballot Drop Day - Spanish  
Clerk López talks to Denver voters about the three-card ballot and where to vote. 

You have options to vote - English(PNG, 922KB)  
You have options to vote - Spanish(PNG, 910KB) 

Voter Registration: Myth vs. Fact - English/Spanish(PDF, 11MB)

Sample Messaging

2022 General Election

Get It, Fill It, Drop It
Hey, Denver! The ballot is three cards this year. Get your ballot in the mail, fill it out, and drop it off early through the mail or at a drop box. Register to vote, track your ballot, and get more information on the November 2022 General Election at

Recíbala, llénela, entréguela
¡Hola, Denver! Este año, la boleta tiene tres hojas. Reciba su boleta por correo, llénela, y entréguela pronto por correo o en un buzón electoral. Regístrese para votar, siga su boleta y obtenga más información sobre las elecciones generales de noviembre de 2022 en

Ballot Processing
Every ballot needs to be verified, prepped, and counted. Don't wait to cast your vote! Return your ballot early to get quicker results after Election Day.

Vote Early Day
Vote Early Day is October 28! Update your voter registration, find out how and where to vote, track your ballot and more at 

Ballot Tracking

Did you know you can track your ballot? Casting your mail ballot is safe and secure—get notifications via email or text about when your ballot is on its way to you and when it's been received for counting. Sign up at

Mail Ballot Security
The Denver Elections Division is committed to holding safe, secure and accessible elections for all eligible voters. There is no evidence that mail ballots are more subject to fraud than other methods of voting. Voting by mail is a solution that addresses many of the threats to our democracy, from the pandemic to foreign interference. Get more information on how mail ballots really work at

Important Dates for Sharing

2022 General Election
  • October 6
    Logic and Accuracy Test 
  • October 17
    Ballots mailed out this week
    24-Hour Ballot drop-off boxes open
    22-day Colorado residency deadline
    Wellington Webb Municipal Building vote center opens
  • October 24
    Phase 1 vote centers open
  • October 31
    Phase 2 vote centers open
    Last day to return ballots via mail; use drop boxes after this date
  • November 4
    Phase 3 vote centers open
  • November 7
    Phase 4 vote centers open
  • November 8
    Last Day to Vote/Election Day

    Mail ballots must be returned by 7 p.m., or
    Voters must be in line by 7 p.m. to cast a ballot in person
  • November 16
    Military & Overseas and Cure Deadline 



Other resources

Below are links to external voter resources at the local, state and national level. Please note that the Denver Office of the Clerk and Recorder and its Elections Division do not endorse or validate any of the content on the following websites.

Do you know who represents you? Find your elected officials here.


Denver Maps
Government page of Denver Maps that includes districts, representatives and voting locations information.

Denver Charter and Revised Municipal Code
Denver Charter and Municipal Code online access.


Colorado Revised Statutes
Colorado statutes and the state constitution online. For election laws, search Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 1.

Colorado Secretary of State Elections Center
Elections Center page of the Colorado Secretary of State website that provides numerous Colorado elections resources, including conducting voter registration drives and campaign finance filing for candidates and committees.

Colorado Secretary of State 2022 Elections Calendar
Details all election-related deadlines for the year.

Colorado Legislative Council
Legislative Council page of State of Colorado website providing information on the statewide initiative process, historical information on statewide ballot initiatives, and provides information on all initiatives on the statewide ballot during election times.

Special Districts Election Information
Colorado Division of Local Government website with information and resources with regard to special district elections.

United States

Federal Election Commission
Campaign finance information and reports for federal candidates, including campaign contribution maps; plus historic election and other information.

Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002 Department of Justice and Election Assistance Commission HAVA pages of the Department of Justice and Election Assistance Commission websites providing background, text, and scope of the Act.

U.S. Election Assistance Commission
Established by the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002, to help jurisdiction comply with HAVA requirements. Serves as a national clearinghouse for elections information, accredits testing laboratories and certifies voting systems.

Voting Rights act of 1965 and other Acts
Voting section home page of the Department of Justice website giving background, text, and scope of the Acts and enforcement, FAQs, and other information.

Language Minority Provisions of Voting Rights Act
About Language Minority Voting Rights page of Department of Justice website presenting provisions, legal requirements, Section 203, guidelines, outreach, enforcement, and other language minority information.

Americans with Disabilities Act
Information, answers, enforcement and technical assistance on the Act.

U.S. Census Bureau
National population and demographic information.

Federal Voting Assistance Program
Absentee voting assistance for uniformed service members and overseas citizens. 

Other Resources

League of Women Voters of Denver
Nonpartisan organization that promotes voting.

Brennan Center for Justice
Voting Rights website of the New York University School of Law.

Design for Democracy
Project of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) to improve America's elections materials. Includes free voting posters.
Nonpartisan initiative of the Pew Center on the States.

Project Vote Smart
General candidates and issues information, including officials lookup feature.

Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition  
A nonprofit that encourages a person with a previous criminal record to register to vote once eligible.