Clerk López Statement on Appearance in Front of Colo. Supreme Court

Published on October 12, 2021

 “Every single voter matters. Protecting voter anonymity and ensuring one person, one vote is critical to make our model work and to American democracy. The right to the privacy of our vote is guaranteed by the Constitution and we take the necessary steps to protect  voter anonymity at every step of the voting process even if it means going to the Colorado Supreme Court to do it.

We have identified unintended consequences that were not addressed in the Congressional Plan presented to the Supreme Court today that risk voter anonymity and contiguity of the identified precinct despite receiving expert input from our office. The current plan requires the City to create a precinct with 19 voters in it and if 12 voters are members of one party, it would be pretty easy to guess who someone voted for in a partisan election or whether someone crossed party lines. 

The redistricting maps that are being considered by the Supreme Court need to consist of precincts that make sense, are contiguous and preserve voter anonymity.”

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