Denver Clerk and Recorder Launches Phase Two of SearchLight Denver

Published on July 22, 2022


DENVER- Clerk and Recorder Paul D. López has launched the second phase of SearchLight Denver, a searchable campaign finance and disclosure database.

The database will now provide Denver residents with unparalleled access to lobbying organizations, individual lobbyists and their efforts around city matters.

The new system replaces an outdated system and is designed to allow the citizens in the City and County of Denver to be better informed on lobbying efforts. Denver’s new tool modernizes the ability to search and access data.

“A priority for my administration to is ensure the public has access to data to better understand who is influencing legislation and city business,” said Clerk López. “SearchLight Denver phase two builds upon the system’s data transparency by adding lobbyist disclosure functionality, and we will continue to provide additional access to the public.”

SearchLight Denver is the product of a partnership with MapLight, a technology nonprofit specializing in campaign finance tools and lobbying for state and municipal governments.

The third phase of the SearchLight Denver project, expected to go live later this year, will expand the tool’s capabilities to include an ethics portal. This added functionality will feature an index of lobbyist information and financial disclosures. Phase three of the project also includes Spanish translation of the site.

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