Office of the Municipal Public Defender

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Welcome to the Denver Office of the Municipal Public Defender. Our primary focus is to provide legal representation to defendants who face jail time for violating municipal ordinances in the Denver County Court System. Our office has been in operation since January 1, 2015 and is overseen by the City's Chief Municipal Public Defender. The creation of this office ensures that the City and County of Denver is on the same level with other progressive municipalities providing quality in-house Public Defense services for indigent citizens.

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Applying for a Public Defender

Please submit your application by mail, fax, e-mail or our web-based application. All are available below. The forms below can be printed out and completed by hand, or they can be filled out digitally with Adobe Acrobat Reader to be e-mailed to our office at



If you need drop off an application in person, please use the drop box located outside room 150 in the Lindsey Flanigan Courthouse.


The web-bases application is the fastest and easiest way to apply for our services.



Solicitar un Defensor Público

Porfavor envíe su solicitud por correo, fax, correo electrónico o nuestra solicitud basada en linea.  Están disponibles a continuación.  Los formularios a continuación se pueden imprimir y completar a mano, o se pueden completar digitalmente con Adobe Acrobat Reader para enviarlos por correo electrónico a nuestra oficina:
Si necesita entregar una solicitud en persona, utilice el buzón ubicado afuera de la sala 150 en el primer piso en el juzgado de Lindsey Flanigan.
La solicitud basada en linea es la forma más rápida y fácil de solicitar nuestros servicios.








PDF Applications to Print or Email:


Please Know:

For cases that the Office of the Municipal Public Defender does not represent please see the Colorado State Public Defender or contact 303-620-4999.

If you have an active warrant we cannot process your application until it is cleared. Please contact the warrants office to figure out your next steps: 720-337-0062.

Our Office doesn't handle Juvenile cases. Please contact 720-337-0520.

For general case questions please call 720-337-0410.

For Civil cases please contact 720-865-7840.

Felony and/or Misdemeanor Probation Supervision in Denver County: Website Or call (303) 607-7104.

Denver County Probation Department 720-913-8300.


710 West Colfax
Denver, CO  80204
Hours of Operation: 9am-3pm
Phone: (720) 865-2840
Fax: (720) 865-2859