Hang Tags

Emergency Truck Parking Hang Tags are issued to Utility companies that have infrastructure in the City and County of Denver Right-of-Way and/or their subcontractors working on those utilities in the Public Right of Way. Eligible companies will be issued a maximum of 100 vehicles.

Special Parking Hang Tags allow Permittee to park in a Special Zone adjacent to their business. Eligible business include (but aren't limited to) schools, child care, recreation centers, courts and churches.

Truck Loading Hang Tags authorize any commercial licensed and registered truck using a Truck Loading Hang Tag to park in a loading zone according to the terms of that specific loading zone.

All hang tag applications are processed online. Permits issued will expire at the end of the calendar year. Hang Tags are not transferable & are vehicle/license plate specific. All hangtags will be “virtual” hangtags; no physical tag will be issued. 

After approval of the permit, the applicant will receive an auto generated invoice with instructions for online payment.

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