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About Fitness & Personal Training

Denver Parks & Recreation’s Fitness Team is ready to meet your needs, offering tailored programs that are challenging and deliver attainable, sustainable success!

DPR serves all fitness levels through a variety of services led by more than 100 fitness professionals! Explore 200+ group fitness classes offered citywide, as well as specialized programs such as Boot Camp Missiona and Personal Training Services. We look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals!

How to Use the GroupExPro Calendar

View all Fitness classes and filter by category, location, class name, or instructor. This schedule will also indicate any changes, updates, or class cancellations. 

All fitness classes are subject to change or cancellation. Please use the Group Ex Pro Fitness Schedule to find the most up to date information regarding classes and cancellations. For any additional inquiries, please email or speak to a recreation center employee.

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Fitness & Personal Training Programs


Denver Parks & Recreation is proud to offer Boot Camps throughout the year. Brought to you through a well-trained and friendly staff, we provide a high-quality, full body, and cardio experience every workout! Geared to serve all fitness levels, workouts consist of body-weight exercises developing strength, endurance and flexibility within functional movements.

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Nutrition Coaching

Denver Parks & Recreation offers personalized nutrition programs tailored to your specific goals. Nutrition is a large part of the fitness and wellness puzzle and we’re here to simplify it for you. No fad diets or crazy eating plans. This program will provide a sustainable way for you live your healthiest life possible!  

Ages: 15 and up

Fee:  60-min session $45

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Youth Fitness

Speed and Agility Camp
This camp focuses on running mechanics, speed, agility, and power through the use of various techniques, drills, and games. The camp will be held on grass (weather dependent). Cleats are recommended, running shoes are acceptable.

Ages: 8-17, Cost varies per session

Preschool Yoga
Yoga poses are mixed and matched with games, stories, and music to teach to the active preschooler. Participants learn breathing, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques. These classes are full of barking dogs, hissing snakes, roaring lions, and balancing trees!

Ages: 3-4, $25 per session

Weight Room Training for Teens

Weight Room Introduction Training for Teens (WITT) offers ages 13-17 an opportunity to properly use the weight room, cardio, and fitness equipment within most Denver Parks & Recreation Centers*. This training is completed in 2 sessions and includes learning materials, hands on practical experience, and is led by a Certified Personal Trainer. The goal of this program is to instill education, discipline, and safe practices into a healthy and balanced fitness routine.

*Students will still require a valid MyDenver Card or membership for entry into the center.

Ages: 13-17, $30 per session

Preseason Sports Conditioning Camp
This preseason training camp focuses on speed, agility, offense, and defense drills to get you in shape for the season. The camp will be held on an indoor court or grass field (sport and weather dependent), good shoes are recommended.

Ages: 8-17, Cost varies per session

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Personal Training

Currently Closed:

Denver Parks & Recreation is at capacity with Personal Training and is currently closed. Please reach out to with questions or to be notified when the waitlist re-opens. In the meantime, please check out our Bootcamp program or a group training class at a recreation center near you!

Cancellation Policy                                     
Denver Parks & Recreation requires a 24-hour notice for all cancellations. Clients will forfeit personal training sessions without refund if repeat cancellations occur without advanced notice.

Available Training Packages:

Body Fat/ Fitness Assessments- $15
Accurately measuring your baseline body composition, and the inevitable changes over time are critical to maintaining health, athletic performance, and desired physical appearance. This Assessment not only measures these, but also gives you the opportunity to measure your improvements. Make an appointment to get started on your way to a healthier life.

Ages: 15 and up

Individual Training
One-on-one 60 minute session with a Certified Personal Trainer to meet your fitness goals.

Ages: 15 and up


  • 1 Session - $45
  • 3 Sessions - $115
  • 5 Sessions - $165
  • 10 Sessions - $320

Duo Training, 2-3 people - $20/hour per person
Designed to foster teamwork and motivation, our trainers create workout prescriptions for multiples! Family member, friend, or co-worker? Relish in the support and fun element of working with a buddy!

All participants must be present for registration
One, Three, and five- session package available.