It's In Denver's Nature

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Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Rockies and looking out onto the wide-open spaces of the great plains, it’s easy to feel like your potential is unlimited in Denver. But when it comes to our natural resources, the potential has limits.

Through the Game Plan for a Healthy City, Denver Parks and Recreation is investing in the city’s fight against climate change. We set out to do better – and we are! From conserving water, transforming landscapes, growing the urban canopy and protecting habitats to instilling the spirit of environmental stewardship in Denverites of all ages, we are doing our part – and keeping our promise – to make Denver more resilient for the future. We must. It’s in our nature.

  • Water, our most precious resource.
  • The urban canopy, and how we grow and care for the city’s trees.
  • Landscape transformations, creating sustainable natural beauty.
  • Habitats, from bison to bees to butterflies.
  • Environmental stewardship for a better tomorrow.

There’s more to come, so please check back soon to learn how we continue to build a more resilient future for Denver.

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