Washington Park paving project to close park roads & parking lots

Published on August 12, 2021

October 2021 Update: Denver Parks and Recreation is working to complete the striping and symbol painting on the recently paved Washington Park Loop.  We appreciate your patience and respect of the rules of the roadway as we complete this project as soon as possible to create an improved recreational experience for all park users. 

Beginning August 15, 2021: Thanks to a partnership with Denver’s Dept. Of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI), the park road and parking lots in Washington Park are being repaved! This will improve the park experience for many people who use the road for all kinds of recreation.  

This project will require the road and parking lots to be closed for approx. 2 weeks while they are repaved.   The crusher-fine trail along the perimeter of the park will remain open, along with all other park facilities such as the recreation center, athletic courts and fields, playground, etc. All visitors will have to park on the perimeter of Washington Park to access the park while the road is closed. Please note that Louisiana & Lafayette St. will be used as an entry/exit point for equipment. Park Rangers will be on-site to assist with pedestrian crossing when this occurs.

Preparation for this project will begin the week of August 9 and include the removal of signage, bollards and trash receptacles that are on the road, along with tree trimming to allow adequate clearance for paving machinery.  

Apart from operations staff and a limited number of permitted events, no vehicle access will be allowed anywhere in the park, including all parking areas and lots for the recreation center, playground, and other facilities within the park. The park road will also be closed to all recreational activities such as bicycling, walking, etc. 

During this time, portable toilets will be locked since they will be inaccessible for service. Plumbed restrooms throughout the park will remain open to park users, along with the front restroom at Washington Park Recreation Center.  

Once the pavement portion of the project is complete by the end of August, portions of the park road will close intermittently while striping/road markings are painted. It may take some time to restore all road markings as different city resources are leveraged to complete this phase of the project. Other impacts may include heavier traffic in the surrounding neighborhood due to the road closure, along with construction noise.  

We understand this is an inconvenience and appreciate your patience and respect toward DOTI staff as they work as quickly as possible to complete this important project that will create a better experience for all park users.