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Denver offers more than 80 miles of off-street, multi-use trails within city limits. Most trails follow urban waterways, offering safe and scenic routes through various neighborhoods. These trails provide recreational opportunities and supplement Denver's on-street grid bicycle route system.

Regional Trail Map

Rules and Etiquette

For the safety and enjoyment of all users, please follow trail rules and etiquette:

  • Speed limit: 15 MPH (as conditions allow—slow down if necessary!)
  • Yield when entering the trail
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Do not stop in travel lanes
  • Stay to the right; announce to pass on the left
  • Turn lights on after sundown
  • Always wear a helmet!
  • Do not occupy more than half the width of the trail, either single-vehicle or side-by-side
  • Call 311 (720.913.1311) to report incidents, camps, crashes & concerns

Regional Trail Detours in Denver

Bear Creek Trail

No detours within Denver at this time.

 City of Lakewood | Bear Creek Park

South Suburban Parks & Trails

Cherry Creek Trail

E. Iliff Ave. to S. Quebec St. 


The new Cherry Creek Regional Trail, including the Quebec Street underpass, is now open to the public!  The contractor is still working on final earth moving, debris removal, soil amendments, and landscape around the staging areas between Jewell and Trenton Streets along the western upland areas. A new connector trail will be added at Trenton and Jewell.  Please use caution adjacent to the work area and do not cross any construction fences, barriers or signage.  Minor trail repairs may be necessary over the next few weeks, so please be prepared for temporary one-day closures on the secondary and connectors trails across the site.  Landscaping work, including native seeding, tree and shrub plantings, will continue into the spring of 2022 and 2023.

It takes 2-5 years for native landscapes to fully establish.  While we wait for our native plants to grow in around Cherry Creek, please remain on the trails.  Remember to “Leave No Trace” - your footsteps will damage delicate young plants and could contribute to soil erosion! 

Additional Cherry Creek Trail information

High Line Canal

Eisenhower Park

Winter 2020 - Fall 2021: A water quality project along the High Line Canal will require a closure of the trail within Eisenhower Park. Trail users will be detoured to Eastman Avenue via Dahlia St. and Colorado Ave. Construction is anticipated to be complete fall 2021. 

Find more details about this project.

Parker & Mississippi

Fall 2020 - 2021: Work will require a portion of the trail to close for several months from South Parker Road at East Mississippi Avenue southeast to the High Line Point Apartments clubhouse. While work is underway, a section of the High Line Canal Trail that runs adjacent to Parker Road at the East Mississippi Avenue intersection will be closed for the duration of the project.

Detour signs will be posted to reroute people on bikes to a new two-way bikeway on Valentia Street from East Mississippi Avenue to approximately Fairmount Drive and pedestrians will be rerouted to the sidewalk along that stretch of Valentia Street as well. The detour will continue along Mississippi Avenue and cross to the south side of Parker Road where both pedestrians and bikes will be directed to the sidewalk southeast along Parker Road to the High Line Pointe Apartments clubhouse. Detour signs will be in place along S. Parker Road for people on foot and on bikes.

Get the latest information from Denver's Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI).

trail users will be detoured along Mississippi Avenue and Valentia Street


About the Project:
DOTI will install an underpass beneath S. Parker Road at E. Mississippi Avenue to continuously connect the Highline Canal Trail and allow people walking and riding bikes to have a safer crossing. The underpass is anticipated to be ready for use in Fall 2021. While work is underway, a section of the High Line Canal Trail that runs adjacent to S. Parker Road at the E. Mississippi Avenue intersection will be closed. Detour signs will be posted to reroute people on bikes to a new two-way bikeway on Valentia Street from E. Mississippi Avenue to Fairmount Drive. Pedestrians will be rerouted to the sidewalk along that stretch of Valentia Street. 

View detour map(JPG, 291KB)

Learn more about the High Line Canal Underpass Project(PDF, 203KB)

Additional High Line Canal Trail information

Sand Creek Greenway

Peoria to Quebec

Fall/Winter 2021: The Sand Creek Regional Greenway Project will complete a continuous paved trail from Peoria at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to I-70 and Quebec St. The project includes approximately 3.1 miles of new trail for walking, jogging and bicycling along Sand Creek. The project will protect existing waterways and trees while restoring habitat and native vegetation. Parking will be provided to access the trail from Smith Road.

As of November: The parking lot at the Smith Road Trailhead is closed for the remainder of 2021. Trail users should park on Smith Road.

 Download the implementation plan and accompanying detour maps:

South Platte River Trail

Various long and short-term infrastructure projects will soon be implemented and require detours along the South Platte River Trail in the coming months and years: 

29th & Arkins Ramp Closure

January 3, 2022-TBD

Due to a safety issue, the ramp at 29th and Arkins is closed until further notice. Trails users can access the trail and Arkins Ct via the ramp at 31st. View closure map(PDF, 2MB)


DOTI 8th Ave Bridge 

Sept. 27, 2021 – May 2022 

Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is replacing the 8th Avenue  bridge over the South Platte River. This project will close the main trail under the bridge until spring 2022. A detour will be put in place that allows trail users to continue on the trail by using the ramps to cross 8th Ave at street level. The roadway will be closed for construction and there will be no vehicle traffic in the area. It may be beneficial to avoid this area if possible—find resources on planning alternate routes

Download the detour map(PDF, 2MB)

Learn more about this project

Jan. 3 - Feb. 18, 2022: The 8th Avenue project is implementing a new phase of trail detour between Frog Hollow Park and Weir Gulch Marina. View detour map(PDF, 2MB)


13th Avenue

Oct. 4 - Nov. 15, 2021

For approx. 5-6 weeks, Construction related to a Denver Housing Authority affordable housing project will close the entire S. Platte River Trail at 13th Avenue. A detour will be in place for the duration of the detour that will route trail users around the construction area and connect back to the S. Platte River Trail at 11th Avenue.

Download the detour map(PDF, 1MB)  

Carpio Sanguinette Park

October 1 - May 2022

Trail improvements will be implemented between W. 51st and W. 53rd Avenue. Construction in the area is anticipated to begin by the end of 2021 and will last 4-6 months. Trail users will be detoured through Carpio Sanguinette Park and along 53rd Avenue.  

Download the detour map(PDF, 980KB)

Future Projects 

Over the next two years, several additional projects will be implemented along the South Platte River Trail that will provide an improved experience for all trail users, with wider concrete surfaces and adjacent crusher-fine trails: 

Johnson Habitat Park to W Mississippi Ave:  
The failing retaining wall at Mississippi Ave. will be replaced, along with upgrades made to the trail in this area. Anticipated construction timeframe is April-December 2022. 

Virginia Ave. to W. Bayaud Ave:  
In partnership with CDOT, Denver Parks and Recreation is designing trail improvements as part of a bridge replacement project. The concrete trail will be widened to 12-feet with a 4-foot-wide crusher fines trail alongside it. Construction is anticipated to start in 2023. More details will be provided as they become available. 

Alameda Ave. Bridge:  
CDOT will be replacing the Alameda Avenue bridge over the South Platte River and Trail. This project will rebuild the trail under the bridge to meet the new regional trail standard of a 12-foot wide concrete trail with an adjacent 4-foot crusher fines trail. Learn more about this project. 

River Mile Development:  
This long term, mixed-use development plan includes improvements to both the river and trail. The initial phase is anticipated to begin in early 2022 and will reconstruct the existing trail on the east bank of the South Platte River, bringing it to the new 12’ wide standard for regional trails. The general project area is W. Colfax Ave to Speer Blvd. More details on impacts and detours will be provided closer to construction beginning. 

DHA Sun Valley Redevelopment:  
This Denver Housing Authority redevelopment project along the South Platte River between 9th and 11th Avenue will include a reconstruction of the trail. The exact construction schedule is not yet finalized but is anticipated to begin summer 2022. More information will be provided as it becomes available. 

Thank you for your patience as these important infrastructure projects are implemented. Please use extra caution when following detours.

Find more information on active trail projects.

Urban Parks: Trail & Walk Details

Park Loops

Many of our parks have perimeter and lake loop trails to serve as a defined route within the park. Here is a list of some of those loops to help you start exploring our park system.

Park Location Trail Name & Map Length
Berkeley Lake Park Berkeley Lake Loop(PDF, 1MB)
1..0 mile
Cheesman Park Cheesman Park Inner Loop(PDF, 1MB)
1.1 mile
Cheesman Park
Cheesman Park Outer Loop(PDF, 1MB)
1.4 mile
City Park
Ferril Lake Loop(PDF, 1MB)
0.9 mile
City Park
Mile High Loop(PDF, 1MB)
3.1 mile
Garfield Lake Park
Garfield Lake Loop(PDF, 921KB)
0.6 mile
Harvey Park
Harvey Park Lake Loop(PDF, 907KB)
0.4 mile
Huston Lake Park
Huston Lake Loop(PDF, 892KB)
0.6 mile
Parkfield Lake Loop(PDF, 1MB)
1.1 mile
Rocky Mountain Lake Park
Rocky Mountain Lake Loop(PDF, 970KB)
1.0 mile
Sloan's Lake Park
Sloan's Lake Loop(PDF, 1019KB)
2.6 mile
Washington Park
Grassmere Lake Loop(PDF, 1MB)
0.8 mile
Washington Park Meadow Loop(PDF, 1MB) 0.9 mile
Washington Park Smith Lake Loop(PDF, 1MB) 0.6 mile
Washington Park Washington Park Outer Loop(PDF, 1MB) 2.5 mile
Washington Park
Washington Park Roadway Loop(PDF, 1MB)
2.2 mile 

Collector Trails

Trail Name Reach Length
Dry Gulch Trail Sheridan Blvd to Lakewood Gulch Trail 0.8 mile
First Creek Trail High Line Canal Trail to 53rd Ave 2.3 mile
Garland Greenbelt Trail Virginia Ave to Cherry Creek Trail 1.7 mile
Goldsmith Gulch Trail Eastman Ave to High Line Canal Trail (Bible Park) 0.7 mile
Hampden Heights Trail Quebec St to Cherry Creek Trail 2.2 mile
Lakewood Gulch Trail Wolff St to South Platte River Trail 2.0 mile
Sanderson Gulch Trail Wolff St to South Platte River Trail 3.4 mile
Greenway Trail Montview Blvd to Westerly Creek Trail 1.9 mile
Greenway Trail Quebec St to Greenway Park 1.9 mile
Weir Gulch Trail Sheridan Blvd to South Platte River Trail 3.7 mile
West Harvard Gulch Trail Federal Blvd to South Platte River Trail
1.2 mile
Westerly Creek Trail Montview Blvd to Sand Creek Trail 1.7 mile

Local Trails

Trail Name Reach Length
Dry Gulch Trail Sheridan Blvd to Lakewood Gulch Trail 0.8 mile
East Harvard Gulch Trail 56th Ave to Memphis St 1.0 mile
Wagon Creek Trail Tufts Ave to Field Way 1.0 mile