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Renaming Denver Parks

Denver's Office of Human Rights and Community Partnerships (HRCP) is leading an effort to review all City and County of Denver assets to keep with efforts of advancing equity. As a result of research, discussion, and a final vote by the members of the Renaming Committee, six city parks with historically complex naming histories are being considered for renaming.

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Park Designation Process

This Policy is adopted by the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation (“DPR”) for the purpose of providing some clarity as to the designation status of and the protections afforded to Denver parks under the existing legal framework and to make clear the public process with respect to designation of Denver parks in accordance with the City Charter and City procedures.


Resources, Allocations & Priorities Plan

Developed in 2013, the RAP Plan identifies core services, points out duplication in services, recommends service provision strategies, and recommends resource allocation and pricing strategies. It enhances partnerships and helps meet the future needs of Denver residents, and those who work in and visit the community.

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